My Dress Review : Dsquared2’s Embroidered Cotton & Lurex Dress

Fun Post Of The Day

funshopPrivet Matryoshka’s I know this has nothing to do with Russian/Ukrainian fashion, but it’s a review post on my own style tastes, and on a particular dress I tried on. Dsquared2’s embroidered dress enchanted me when I first laid my eyes on it. I walked past it a few times, noticing other luxurious garments around me, but it was this dress I wanted to try on, because it drew me in. There was something that appealed to me, the embroidered details looked and felt equally nice when I ran my hand over the black detailing. In the end the dress did not make the trip back home with me. This is a review of a dress that made me change my mind in the change room.

What Would It Be Like To Be A Russian it Girl ?



Last week I went shopping, and had some fun trying on a dress by Dsquared2, I thought to myself instead of oogling something from a far it makes more sense to just try the object of desire in question on- & you know that can lead to two results: One you try it on and it fits like a glove; meaning it’s coming home with you regardless of the astronomically high price tag, or that the dress has become less desirable, this is the preferred, and rare option you secretly are hoping for to spare your wallet. But my recent shopping trip fed my curiosity & not the cashier; and I asked myself ‘What would it be like to be a Russian it Girl?’