Ulyana Sergeenko’s Leather Backpack ‘Hit Or Miss?’


Hey Everyone! Some of you may have noticed that there’s been a lack of Ulyana Sergeenko reports on my blog! I know, I’ve been neglecting a lot of the Russian style, but let me bring it all back with todays post featuring a backpack from the Ulyana Sergeenko atelier. I don’t know what it is about this backpack but it has made me want to dedicate a post to it. It’s odd shape, and supple leather has drawn me in completely. (The backpack is even getting a bit more screen time on Ulyana’s IG..which means she must really want people to take notice/ and break into the accessories scene) I saw a clip that showed off all 7 of the colours the backpack comes in, think earthy and blush tones! The backpack reminds me of a bucket bag hybrid..and looks as if it would appeal to the minimalist, or modern girl.

An Unexpected Love



Have you ever been caught by a love so unexpected that it simply bewitched you? A love so passionate you couldn’t breathe as a result of it infiltrating your mind and soul? I think my latest unexpected love crept up and out of nowhere. It appeared slowly, and dangerously with a vengeance that was almost as bad as my need for that Vika Gazinskaya sweaterAlas, this item of desire was not crafted by Vika, but by Russia’s one true regal street style queen, the talented Ulyana Sergeenko. The item of mention is actually a series of wooden purses depicting images straight out of a Russian folk & fairy-tale book..in so many impressive colours to match the mood of spring.

Wool Boots To Love From Ulyana Sergeenko’s Atelier Moscow



Privet Matryoshka’s!! Boot season is drawing to a close-but that hasn’t stopped me from obsessing over Ulyana Sergeenko’s wool boots from her Moscow Atelier. These open wool boots are from Sergeenko’s Fall/ Winter 2013/14 collection. I love them in either colour- grey or red, I’d buy them both, I’d even attempt to wear them for spring. Sigh, just look at how they loosely hang off the ankle, have a cute button detail, and a unique shape!!

Russy’s Russian Inspired Pavloposad Scarf Shoes



Sigh! It’s doubtful you’ll be able to get your hands on these Russian heirloom inspired pavloposad scarf kicks with ease. The Italian label Russy, who created them only released 600 pairs into the world. Each pair is unlike the other, crafted from an Italian scarf selected from Italy’s secondhand markets. Their rarity is further increased as word first spread of the scarf inspired shoe back in 2011.

Wearing Ushanka’s With Attitude


Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 2.14.44 PMShe has that “devil may care attitude” down

Well Matryoshka’s sometimes you need to have the right attitude when you take it upon yourself to wear something bold. The Ushanka (bombber hat, shapka) is that very accessory that can get you quizzical looks from passers by- if it’s unusual or uncommon to see where you live. Now you must know by now I have an obsession with this shapka-ushanka, I even have a previous post on the subject (ushanka’s are just made for winter street style.).

Charlotte Olympia’s Matryoshka Shoes Are Simply Wonderful



Privet Matryoshka’s, yes this is something I’m currently raving about, another item that is wait for it: BAM Matryoshka’d out!!!- however, these incredible shoes are not designed by a Russian or Ukrainian designer- but by Charlotte Olympia Dellal the half brazilian, half british designer (daughter of brazilian model Andrea Dellal). Charlotte Olympia is a collection known for heels of unimaginable heights, bold colours and animal prints tied in with the glamour of the 1940’s.

Yana Raskovalova’s The Queen Of Russian Jewellers

Accesories, Russian Fashion Designers


Yana Raskovalova is a Russian Jeweller, her designs look pretty and unique. She’s a designer who has a thing for Cameo’s (ode to the past), and loves to make tassels. Yana often uses materials like gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, ivory, bone, wood, Florentine mosaic, shell, coral and agate cameos in her work. Yana also has quite a few collections some of which are titled “Scent of a

Ulyana Sergeenko’s Embroidered Sunglasses



Embroidery the “craft of two hands” retains an air of regality, once considered a mark of wealth. The ornamental hand craft found common places within The Medieval Islamic World, the expansive Ottoman Empire, to Russia’s traditional folk dress and, yes; culture.

Anya Ziourova’s Showing Off Bracelets From Chanel ART SS 2014



If you’re familiar with the Russian fashion pack (Miroslava Duma, Elena Perminova, Ulyana Sergeenko and Vika Gazinskaya that etc.) then you’re also familiar with Anya Ziourova. The Russian it girl usually doesn’t capture my attention often, but today she has. Anya put up a photo of some unusual looking bracelets

My Moda, My Style: It’s The Accessories

Accesories, Fun Post Of The Day


I love Russian fashion, and the Czarina’s who put a face to Russia’s style scene, yes I know I show favouritism to Elena Perminova and Miroslava Duma on a weekly basis. So for some relief from the Czarina’s, I thought I’d dedicate a little post to the three accessories I personally love to add to my own outfits when I’m in my own “it needs something elegant doesn’t it? sort of mood“.