My First D.I.Y: Ulyana Sergeenko’s Russian Fairy Tale Purse

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Privet Matryoshka’s, ever since I laid my eyes on Ulyana Sergeenko’s lovely wooden purses from her Spring-Summer 2013 collection I’ve been head over heels in love! What I loved about these purses from the beginning are that they noticeably have a care-free, whimsical quality- and with a certain subtlety they even preserve Russian culture. How? What?!?Where is this culture being concealed & preserved ?? Hehe, well if you look at Ulyana’s purses (check out the  “Unexpected Love” post if you’re unfamiliar with these wooden boxes) you will see that she added elements from both Russian folk and fairy tales in the designing process.

An Unexpected Love



Have you ever been caught by a love so unexpected that it simply bewitched you? A love so passionate you couldn’t breathe as a result of it infiltrating your mind and soul? I think my latest unexpected love crept up and out of nowhere. It appeared slowly, and dangerously with a vengeance that was almost as bad as my need for that Vika Gazinskaya sweaterAlas, this item of desire was not crafted by Vika, but by Russia’s one true regal street style queen, the talented Ulyana Sergeenko. The item of mention is actually a series of wooden purses depicting images straight out of a Russian folk & fairy-tale so many impressive colours to match the mood of spring.

Russian Contemporary Art In Natalia Valevskaya’s Designs

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The world is a lust driven place,- sex, passion love- it’s ingrained in us all; These thoughts carry us away, and in the world of contemporary art- modern attitudes of acceptance transpire into one man, or woman’s inspiration. The art duo Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky are Russian contemporary artists who have been collaborating since 1994, their known for their pop art, and focus on socialist realism.