Statement Coats Spotted At Milan Fashion Week F/W 2016

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Milan Fashion Week only happens twice a year! If I could only attend one Fashion Week in the world it would come down to Milan VS Paris. Milan is home to the Italian fashion houses who show off their collections think Gucci, Prada, Moschino, Versace etc. And who can resist Italian fashion? Many of the shows take place in showrooms, or in studios but what makes Milan special is that sometimes shows can take advantage of the city’s outdoor landmarks. The Piazza Duomo located in Milan’s central square, or the courtyard of a 15th century castle- the Castello Sforesco, and the Arco della Pace located in Parco Sempione have all been the center of a few fashion shows in their time! These places let the public see the shows, so if you’re planning to travel to Milan during FW, check out these historical hot spots for fashion spotting.

Elena Perminova’s Latest Fashion Week Style

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I feel as if I haven’t made a post about Elena Perminova in ages, and I’m sure some of you might be missing her style moments around here. The Russian trendsetter, and mom of three isn’t one to play around with hairstyle or makeup, you’ll notice that her hair is always done in a simple manner, or that her makeup is minimalistic, anddd I think she does this because she likes to let her outfits speak for themselves. I, on the other hand would want to be playing with my hair and makeup for each look, just because it’s fun to be able to change your looks, especially when you’re wearing gorgeous clothes. Anyways that’s enough of my opinion! Enjoy the post, you’ll see some style that varies from Christian Dior, to Elie Saab.  

10 Brands That Slay Street Style

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What do we look for in designer fashion labels? Is it their relevance, or the way they make a statement? When fashion week rolls around, the concrete catwalk is almost as equally as important as the runway. The streets set the trends. The quirky, and vibrant outfits of the risk takers are flaunted in our faces, while the style makers will be setting trends that so many of us will be inspired from, and interpret. It’s no secret that there’s just a few brands out there that continue to roll out those hot list items that we continue to crave. These top 10 brands know how to market love at first sight, and they definitely know how to slay.

TBT: Elena Perminova’s Unquiet Riot

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Privet Matryoshkas!! One of the fun periods in fashion began in the 60’s with London’s pop scene. Mods, graphics, and geometric shapes began to find their way onto clothing. But it was the early pioneer Lucinenne Day who’s textile patterns caused a stir in mid-century britain. Some say her work most likely made ‘people fall off their victorian rockers’, as she paved the way for the illusionary work of 60’s textiles. Now, this throwback thursday post is about Elena Perminova’s Giambattista Valli graphic ensemble, that looks to be an interpretation of the op-art mod movement. To keep this post short and sweet I have to add that I love how she did the details right. The accessories from her shoes, bag and sunglasses do not compete against the suit. Her outfit is just so loud I truly think she’s trying to cause a riot.

TBT: Elena Perminova’s Couer Sauvage

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tbt wild savaghe

Privet! There are days that call for the release of the feral, and inner ‘couer sauvage (wild at heart)’ version of yourself. If you want to inject a fierceness into your look without doing anything permanent like…say a tattoo, tribal inspired style choices are it. Today’s Throwback Thursday post is inspired by a look Elena Perminova was seen in moments after the Giambattista Valli fashion show in 2012. Elena’s fringed sweater compliments her tiger print dress. You know the fringed sweater reminds me of a lions fur right down to the magnificent mane from a male lion. As for Elena’s facial expressions they’ve been transformed into something predatory, and I love it. My guess is she’s on the hunt for a new fashion find.’s a question for you lovely matryoshka’s I’m curious what’s your outfit of choice to wage war in when you’re feeling wild? 

Paris Fashion Week’s Scene Stealers

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paris fashion week tutle

Whenever I think of Paris Fashion Week, I can’t help but to be reminded of the Devil Wears Prada. Particularly when Paris is depicted at night. The film then transitions to fashion designers making their cameo appearances, and the runways are lit up by the flash of photographers cameras. The scene makes me daydream, I just want to pack a luggage full of a parisian inspired wardrobe, fly to Paris, hotel at The Ritz, and sit front row at Chanel. I’d probably even adopt sunglasses as a new HG after being blinded by the flashing cameras, but that’d be a small price to pay (while in reality this is wistful thinking). But this dream will have to wait, as Paris Fashion Week has come to an end, but don’t worry there are still many street style images to look at to keep you entertained. Most of the looks featured are of the Russian Fashion Pack, so you will see the outfits Ulyana Sergeenko wore, to Vika Gazinskaya and even Natalia Vodianova. Aka the scene stealers. (Update: just added a stunning photo of Ulyana Sergeenko in red)

En Scène Paris Fashion Week

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When Paris Fashion Week rolls around you know that means it’s time for paparazzi and bloggerati alike to show off the latest street style looks from those who own the concrete catwalk. But this time I’m seldom a fan of what my favourite Russian fashion pack selected to be voluntarily photographed in.

Moscow Street Style, Girl In Red

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Matryoshka’s wouldn’t you agree that part of the reason behind why street style images attract our attention is that they not only capture the wearer’s fashion ,(+ inspires us to be more fashionably unique ) but they also capture visually attractive scenery in foreign places. The girl in red’s own style is enhanced by Moscow’s

Casual Sunday Inspiration: Irina Shayk’s Orange Crush

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I’m lazy and Sunday’s make me extra lazy, and yet I’m debating if I should start a series for Casual Sundays by suggesting some looks I find to fit in the casual category, that are chic, and comfortable enough for completing those last minute errands in before the Monday-Friday work week begins all over again. I promise I won’t be suggesting anything that fits the criteria of Normcore. All of the looks I’ll post will be from Russian (and hoping Ukrainian) it girls, models, and other popular faces- who are known for having incredible style. For this particular Casual Sunday I’m looking to Irina Shayk as my inspiration- Orange crush anyone?

TBT: Elena’s Gladiators Made Her A Conqueror Of Street Style

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Privet Matryoshkas, I recently mentioned that Elena Perminova hasn’t been posting as much as she used to- to instagram lately, and I’m thinking this somehow makes her the perfect candidate for one of my Throw Back Thursday Posts. A quick glance might make you think this is it.- This is a casual looking Elena; but as soon as you give yourself a second, longer glance, the look transforms into an urban, fierce ensemble, assuring you, that you haven’t caught Elena looking dressed down in the slightest.