Ulyana Sergeenko’s Leather Backpack ‘Hit Or Miss?’


Hey Everyone! Some of you may have noticed that there’s been a lack of Ulyana Sergeenko reports on my blog! I know, I’ve been neglecting a lot of the Russian style, but let me bring it all back with todays post featuring a backpack from the Ulyana Sergeenko atelier. I don’t know what it is about this backpack but it has made me want to dedicate a post to it. It’s odd shape, and supple leather has drawn me in completely. (The backpack is even getting a bit more screen time on Ulyana’s IG..which means she must really want people to take notice/ and break into the accessories scene) I saw a clip that showed off all 7 of the colours the backpack comes in, think earthy and blush tones! The backpack reminds me of a bucket bag hybrid..and looks as if it would appeal to the minimalist, or modern girl.

Stunning Moscow Metro Fashion Photograpghy

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One of the USSR’s most extravagant architectural projects involved baroque decor, high vaulted ceilings, grand murals and chandeliers. A place named “palaces for the people” by Joseph Stalin; Moscows Metro is home to the work of the former Soviet Era architects (Vladimir Schucko, Vladimir Gelfreich and Igor Rozhin, Elektrozavodskaya– to name a few), and happens to be included on the worlds list for being the most luxurious subway stations in the world. When photographer Alena Nikiforova took her vision to the underground of Moscow, transforming the metro into an artist’s atelier the results were stunning. Alena Is a photographer known for her avant guarde style, and enjoys to use milk, and juice with her subjects to create her photos. As for these images of Moscow Metro Fashion..what are your thoughts? Gilded? Ethereal?

Yulia Yanina & Her Russian Luxury Renowned Fashion House

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Well it’s no secret Matryoshkas you can obviously tell that I loooveee Russian Fashion Designers, and their Russian Fashion Houses. They aim to impress, pouring their hearts into their work, giving the Italian and French Fashion Houses solid competition. Russians are explosive in the fashion world, they may have had a backseat, but the extra time has given these designers

Stilettos In Moscow

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Moscow streets are famous for their stiletto clad women, who make the sidewalks into their runways. Comfort is often discarded for beauty, and it’s not uncommon to see women wearing stilettos when the ground has disappeared underneath blankets of snow, or ice. The legend is that Russian woman are born with the skills necessary for walking gracefully in heels of all heights, regardless of the weather conditions. High heels are loved so much by the Russian woman that Moscow has been known to throw high heel races in the past. Can you imagine women lining up in their Louboutins to run anywhere between 50 to 100 meters, competitively for money? As for the race requirements heels can be no less than 3.54 inches in height. If you’re curious to see what this race looks like I included a fun video for you to watch.

Casual Sunday: Vika’s In Jeans & A Printed Tee

Casual Sunday


Today’s Casual Sunday inspiration comes from a look worn by Vika Gazinskaya for Tsum’s Fashion Night Out event (which happened a while back ago). When the day calls for basics, printed tee’s and jeans are the casual of the casual wear. I’ve been seeing a lot of printed tee’s and sweaters inside of H&M. Most of the tee’s and sweaters are incorporating ‘French words’ for those wanting a loud, parisian chic inspired wardrobe. So if you don’t have a basic top to pair with jeans, or you’re a fan of sweaters; H&M would be the place to go for a cheap trendy printed top. Besides Vika’s lip print Tee is no longer available, and you’d had to have been in Moscow to receive it. Anyways enjoy the look…I think it’s cute…esp Vika’s top(s) that she’s showing off.

Dusk At Iversky Gate Captures The Mysterious Russian Soul

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Dusk is evenings darkest moment before the night sweeps over, revealing a blackness marred by stars they say have met an eternal sleep; they even say our eyes see those near death. The life of a star is not the ‘star’ in this post. My mood has been taken by melancholy, inflicted by dusk that has already swept over the sky I look at night, after night. Such a mood inspired me to show you a different image of Russia. When you google images of Russia, the photography of the land, symbols, landmarks etc- have a different sort of beauty that sort of needs ‘dusting off’- a closer look, a different look more so.

Delectable! Max Brenner Chocolate Bar Opens In Moscow


I’m in the mood for all things delectable, not only am I craving fashion goodies, but that sweeter side (that sometimes doesn’t mesh with fashion 😉 as it can expand our waist lines hehe) involving coco, chocolate and the confectionary masters we call chocolatiers.

Street Style Being Muscovite Chic

Street Style


It’s true Russian women have an outré affair with fashion, but relax this is not an overly dramatic street style look. I’m enjoying the simplicity of an all black outfit, it has its moment of chic-ness. Sometimes all black outfits are guilty

Julia Kalmanovich’s Whimsical Ballet Inspired Spring-Summer 2014 Collection

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Thoughts of the ballet takes our imagination to visions of ballerina’s plié’ing and twirling at the tips of their pointe shoes; in whimsical costumes almost as striking as their fluid, graceful dance movements. Julia Kalmanovich’s Spring Summer 2014 collection is inspired by the Ballet, with good reason.

Vogue Russia’s Top NYE Makeup Looks Inspired From The Runway

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Privet!! NYE is the perfect excuse to get Matryoshka’d up, and leave those around you with a lasting impression from one year and into the next. Makeup can complete your perfect NYE look, but sometimes it’s hard to choose what side of yourself to show off for the night: your sexy vixen side, the glamour girl or perhaps you want to be classy & chic- the point is the looks are endless.