Ulyana Sergeenko’s Leather Backpack ‘Hit Or Miss?’


Hey Everyone! Some of you may have noticed that there’s been a lack of Ulyana Sergeenko reports on my blog! I know, I’ve been neglecting a lot of the Russian style, but let me bring it all back with todays post featuring a backpack from the Ulyana Sergeenko atelier. I don’t know what it is about this backpack but it has made me want to dedicate a post to it. It’s odd shape, and supple leather has drawn me in completely. (The backpack is even getting a bit more screen time on Ulyana’s IG..which means she must really want people to take notice/ and break into the accessories scene) I saw a clip that showed off all 7 of the colours the backpack comes in, think earthy and blush tones! The backpack reminds me of a bucket bag hybrid..and looks as if it would appeal to the minimalist, or modern girl.

Spring Trends & Must Haves (Psst Denim Is On The List)

Style Watch

This spring there’s a lot of trends to keep up with! Expect to see the classics this season like florals, and romantic ruffles. You know one of the seasons hottest selling dress comes from Proenza Schouler who decided to re-interpret the ruffle trend by drawing from Spanish elements- Traje de flamenca perhaps? You’ll also see that the mule shoe is back in, this time as a flat. While blouses and dresses will have a higher than average neckline. But if that’s not enough to confuse your outfit abilities to mix and match without a flaw- there’s even some 70’s inspired suede to deal with. So, with the designers deciding to throw a multitude of stuff at us, here is a Spring trend report, broken down and made simple for you. Plus a few Spring must haves I’ve picked out.

Beauty Secrets From Russia & The Ukraine, With Love

Tips & Beauty

Privet my lovely Matryoshkas!! The Au Naturel trend is back in for summer. Models and celebrities alike are showing off fresh-faces, no longer masked by layers of makeup that makes them recognizable to us. Instead we are seeing a softer side, a side that has captured an innocence we’ve never imagined. It’s refreshing. Anyways where am I going with this?! Well todays post is about Russian and Ukrainian beauty secrets- namely beauty routines from this region of the world, what the it girls do, and some funny little quotes from them I’ve found. Besides most of you are familiar with the stereotype/ reputation where Russian and Ukrainian women are the ‘most beautiful’.

Before Ulyana Sergeenko There Was….Lyubov Orlova

Timeless Reads

Privet! How are all of you? I was looking into a bit of history, and came across an actress and singer who was one of the women who influenced style in Russia. In fact she is known as one of the first of her kind who inspired women to look beautiful. There were times when the Soviet epoch had women thinking that beauty, or obsessing over ones hairstyle was “bourgeoisie”, and there was even a saying that went around that beautiful women “spent all of their time in front of a mirror” (which insinuated that they were not of the working class). However, that attitude shifted, and beauty salons all over Russia began to open. Anyways, back on topic,  before Ulyana Sergeenko, there was the beautiful, and timeless Lyubov Orlova.

Ulyana Sergeenko’s SS 2015 Folk Bags


Privet Matryoshkas it has been a long time since I’ve made a post about a Russian designer who doubles as a street style star! So here it is, just for you! Well Ulyana Sergeenko never fails to impress me with her vivid imagination, that often draws inspiration from the places she’s traveled to, and distant echoes of the soviet era. Haute Couture and Ulyana do share something in common and that is that they both have a love for folklore. Remember her SS 2013 handbag collection? I was so inspired by her SS 2013 collection that since I was not able to covet one of the Russian themed folk handbags, I decided to make my own..which ended up to be a lot of work, but an enjoyable project nonetheless. 

Lessons For The Modern Lady


“Ladies are not born, they are made” This particular quote has been haunting me as of late, and when I think of modern day ladies, Ulyana Sergeenko is the first one to pop into my mind. I have never met Ulyana, but I’m often left with an impression that she is today’s example of a modern lady. With her reputation for being Fashion Royalty, (mind you the Russian couturier has been called ‘The Red Queen’) the title can’t only be accredited to her eye for the elaborate, or theatrical sense of style. It’s both her elegance, and poise that resonates with the photographers’ cameras. And as I may be envious of her always expanding wardrobe, I admire the way she carries herself more. Perhaps she could be my inspiration while I attempt lessons in perfecting the art of being a modern lady.

Trick Or Chic: D.I.Y Masquerade Mask, Inspired By Imperial Russia & Ulyana Sergeenko

Fun Post Of The Day


Privet Matryoshka’s, I hope you’re not sick of the Halloween inspired posts I’ve been putting up lately. I find this to be such a fun idea and I’m just going to run with it until the week comes to an end. I also might double post today because I’m having one of those rainy days, and not a ray of sunshine is in sight :(. Anyways let me get back on point, I happen to love the idea of costume and masquerade balls. Such lavish events are an ode to the past. Imperial Russia hosted a few in it’s time, one example I can tell you about is the famous Winter Ball of 1903.The Ball was hosted at the Romanov’s winter palace, during Tsar Nicholas’s II of Russia’s reign.Many of the guests who attended wore the 17th century style fashion. Envision handsome Russian men making the ladies swoon, and women wearing oversized kokoshniks, lavish gowns and sarafans of iridescent golds, and blues. Now this idea is for any of you who are struggling to come up with a last minute idea, and you want to do it yourself and create your own masquerade mask.

Spouses Of The Russian ‘it’ Girls


Why is she/he with her?” I feel like this is one of those thoughts our minds gravitate towards  when we walk past a couple on the street. The same thought occurs when we see a celebrity, or in this case a Russian style star. But, this post is a little different since the Russian it girls are often photographed alone- I’m just here to satisfy your curiosity of who the Czarinas have married/ coupled up with. So if you’re curious to see who’s footing the bill for (some of) their elaborate wardrobes- read on to unveil who these prince oligarchs are. Are they stylish? Rich, or famous perhaps?

Caped Crusaders


Privet Matryoshka’s capes are picking up popularity this season! It wasn’t too long ago that we first spotted Chloé capes on Elena Perminova and Anya Ziourova, and now there’s Burberry’s blanket, poncho, ahem– cape that is turning heads, & showing up on celebs and it girls alike. The point is capes are in for fall, and I’m dedicating this post to those who I’m calling the Caped Crusaders. I’m hoping to shake the image of Little Red Riding Hood out of your minds, for falls days when the weather doesn’t exactly call for a coat.

Candidly Ulyana Sergeenko



Privet lovely Matryoshka’s and happy tuesday!! It’s one thing to see street style photos of Ulyana Sergeenko at Fashion Week, and it’s another to be able to watch the street style queen in a video. Back in march of 2012, Ulyana posed for GQ magazine Russia, and I recently discovered a video of her behind the scenes at the photo shoot. She looks so regal, just as she does in photos, but she reveals more of her provocative side too. The video below will give you one more reason to love her!!