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Things I cook up in my kitchens, With Love!

Chunky Chili Recipe (With Ground Beef)

Hey Lovelies! I have made this recipe twice and I love it! You see whenever I’m home there is one dish that my dad likes to make with the slow cooker, and that is his version of chili. His recipe is great, but I decided to rival his recipe with my own over here in the Caribbean, I also don’t have a slow cooker so I’m making this the old fashioned way with a pot. One night as I was trying to decide what to make my Fiance for dinner, I realized I had a whole can of plum tomatoes- to me that is an excellent base for starting chili (and enchiladas but that’s an entirely different recipe) and then I started my cooking adventure. Now this recipe is chunky because of the canned plum tomatoes used- I just end up squishing them with a fork when they are in a pot on medium heat, I like to to open them up, mash them a little and separate chunky tomato-y bits that bring this …

Savory Tilapia Fingers & Home Made Aioli Sauce

Hey Lovelies, welcome back to another Zaychishka’s Kitchen post! Let me start off by saying that in the Caribbean Tilapia is everywhere, and it is one of the most convenient “fish” to cook with.  I’ve cooked Tilapia a few ways, but this time I decided to try out something a little different that also pairs nicely with an Aioli sauce that you can make yourself to go with this fish dish. Tonight I spent a good three hours whipping up a few dishes in the kitchen, taking time for photos up. Agh. cleaning up is always the least fun par of it all! lol…I’ll be dreaming of dirty dishes for weeks. Anyways I’ll show off what was for dinner tonight..that included these wonderful and tasty Tilapia “fingers” & Aioli sauce, alongside Greek inspired Rice, as well as my Fiance’s mother’s recipe for Stewed Vegetables, I promise I will be adding those recipes soon.

Original Recipe: Endless Summer Salad With Salmon

Hey Matryoshkas, how are all of you doing today? I began my latest cooking venture with an idea to work with a can of chickpeas and black beans I had on hand. I knew I wanted to make a dinner that would be filling (but not the type that makes you feel ‘weighed’ down) , while  including enough protein and healthy carbs since my Fiance and I had decided we were going to the gym together. I also wanted to make use of the small amount of lettuce I had left in the fridge, and then came the idea to also include salmon. The other thing that came to my mind was what if I could get away from using dressing- That’s right you don’t need to make a special dressing. Just let the  flavours of the dish satisfy instead.  I then went to my refrigerator and started to look for all of the vegetables I had, and items that would give me the flavours I wanted.. from capers to minced garlic and lemon. This …

Shrimp Pasta: An Under 30 Minute Meal Idea

Hey Lovelies! I have been doing a lot of cooking while taking photos along the way (I’ve just been slacking on the whole post writing department… I think I’m just captivated by my new surroundings). So I have some bad news for you, and that is that I’ve yet to learn any of the local dishes to try and write about for you, but I do have a lot of my own favourite made and eaten meals that I’ve been cooking in my little Caribbean kitchen. One of my favourite meals to go to is shrimp pasta. This dish is so simple, flavorful,  takes the least amount effort, presents itself well, and the best part of making this dish is that my Fiance thinks I worked hard on making it for him 🙂 This dish is a win-win.

Cooking In The Caribbean

Hey Lovelies! So as most of you may know I am now in the Caribbean! I also have a lot of time to cook, and a Fiance who will devour every meal I make 🙂 So I’m slowly learning how to stay on budget with food (and that is so difficult because I love to eat, I want to try a lot of recipes and that means I need a lot of ingredients). However I’m trying to be creative and try not to go overboard with different I tend to use a lot of lemon, garlic ( minced + garlic salt), and paprika to season the dishes that I make. In the future I’d love to learn how to make Jerk chicken, and try to see what some of the local cuisine is like, and take some of those ideas to re-create a wonderful dish to savour and enjoy for next times dinner.

Dinner Ideas: Salad & Juicy Pan Seared Chicken *Paprika Rub*

Hey Everyone! In the summer I can’t resist eating salads..with all of the colourful additions of grape tomatoes, red onions, avocados and salad mixes with purple and green leaves. There’s something about the look of a well done salad that can make my mouth water- and it even can impress my family, and boyfriend if done correctly. This salad was created when my boyfriend requested a chicken salad with Italian Dressing. There’s a few decorative salads that I specialize in and today I’m choosing to share the salad that has tender and juicy paprika’d chicken breasts your family and boyfriends will gobble up. Not only is this dish delicious, but it looks so pretty! After-all cooking these days isn’t only about the taste, but the presentation too – thanks Instagram for making us snap pics of our food, forget forks when you have a camera. P.S This salad has 3-4 steps depending if you want to do everything all DIY.I promise it’s easy.

Russian Cooking: Baked Piroshky & The Kitchen Mess

Privet Matryoshka’s!! Last week I decided to dedicate a day in the kitchen, all the while making a mess out of it. Flour was everywhere! I’m not the most graceful cook/baker/chef, but in the end the results are often what I’m going to call culinary masterpieces because they’re edible, and presentable! So why did I decide to make a mess out of my kitchen voluntarily, well… if you’re familiar with Russian cooking then you know how delicious Piroshki’s are (You must try them if you don’t)!! A Piroshki (Piroshky) is a type of bun stuffed with meat, fruit, or a combination of vegetables and meat, to cottage cheese. You can either fry or bake them, in this recipe that I’m putting up it’s the baked version, with a beef, cheese and onion filling. The fun part comes when you make the dough from scratch and watch how it rises, which means it’s working and you no longer have to worry that you followed the steps wrong. I also think this is a perfect fall recipe, you can even …

What’s Cooking In My kitchen: Just Two Simple Summer Recipes

Privet Matryoshka’s!! One of the things besides the gym that’s been occupying my time is cooking for the family. I always get asked the question “Can you cook dinner..” I’m sure most of you share a similar problem and that’s figuring out what to cook on a day to day basis. I’ve been lucky this week that my house even had the ingredients that I needed, & that there was actually some food that I could put to use to show off my culinary skills, and keep the parents happy. I really love cooking in the summer, there is more variety in the markets, and on the store shelves, –  Another good part to summer cooking is that you can get away with making light meals, and snacks.