Russian Cooking: Baked Piroshky & The Kitchen Mess

Zaychishka's Kitchen


Privet Matryoshka’s!! Last week I decided to dedicate a day in the kitchen, all the while making a mess out of it. Flour was everywhere! I’m not the most graceful cook/baker/chef, but in the end the results are often what I’m going to call culinary masterpieces because they’re edible, and presentable! So why did I decide to make a mess out of my kitchen voluntarily, well… if you’re familiar with Russian cooking then you know how delicious Piroshki’s are (You must try them if you don’t)!! A Piroshki (Piroshky) is a type of bun stuffed with meat, fruit, or a combination of vegetables and meat, to cottage cheese. You can either fry or bake them, in this recipe that I’m putting up it’s the baked version, with a beef, cheese and onion filling. The fun part comes when you make the dough from scratch and watch how it rises, which means it’s working and you no longer have to worry that you followed the steps wrong. I also think this is a perfect fall recipe, you can even pair it with a bisque if you want to wow your guests further. ( and..Da, technically the plural version of piroshky is pirogi, not to be confused with pierogi)

What’s Cooking In My kitchen: Just Two Simple Summer Recipes

Zaychishka's Kitchen


Privet Matryoshka’s!! One of the things besides the gym that’s been occupying my time is cooking for the family. I always get asked the question “Can you cook dinner..” I’m sure most of you share a similar problem and that’s figuring out what to cook on a day to day basis. I’ve been lucky this week that my house even had the ingredients that I needed, & that there was actually some food that I could put to use to show off my culinary skills, and keep the parents happy. I really love cooking in the summer, there is more variety in the markets, and on the store shelves, –  Another good part to summer cooking is that you can get away with making light meals, and snacks.