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Fun Post Of The Day May include DIY projects, Beautiful Places in Russia & the Ukraine, News Events, or anything else that is miscellaneous…. or when I feel like having a fashion post break!..but will always involve Russia and/ or the Ukraine.

Story Time Rant: Bad Fashion Week Experience?

Hello Lovelies! I feel like sharing a story with all of you that happened to me during Fashion Week from 3 months ago! Fashion Week is crazy, it’s busy, there’s a schedule, and there’s people everywhere. What does that all mean? It means that seating is limited. Now imagine you’re wearing your highest heels and there’s a possibility that you might not get to sit down. Ouch, scary right? And, well this is more important than your feet aching- and that is you need to have great seating in order to take photos for your blog.

Honest Thoughts: H&M Sucks

Hey Everyone! It’s time for another Honest Thoughts post since my last one about Caroline Stanbury being my favourite Bitch grabbed your attention. Now before any of you scowl and tell me that I’m being bitchy, hateful, negative etc towards H&M lovers, let me just say that I have a love and hate relationship with H&M. It’s true that I own items from the infamous clothing chain that I absolutely love, and I often frequent the local H&Ms in my area. But guess what H&M just like any store that has mass produced clothing, sucks. I’m not telling you to avoid H&M, that’s far from the truth, however I do want you to be smarter shoppers from time to’s my new initiative as a Fashion Blogger for 2016. 

Mysterious Russian Models & Socialites Of Instagram

Privet Everyone, as you all know I’ve written countless posts dedicated to the Czarinas in the past. When Zaychishka Style was starting off I dedicated the majority of my posts to Russian/Ukrainian fashion, to the designers, history and of course the Style Icons. Now if any of you are  unfamiliar with the Czarians (aka the Russian Fashion pack/ style icons) they are Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko, Elena Perminova, Vika Gazinskaya and Anya Ziourova. However these ladies have come a long way from their stylish beginnings known for being in front of the cameras outside of Fashion Week. (And there lives have lead them in different directions so it’s not the same anymore! Although I’m sure some of them are still freinds to this day) As for today I’m going to introduce you to some mysterious ‘Russians’ that I keep seeing all over instagram that are renowned for their style, enlarged pouts, plastic surgery,  and large Instagram following. Many of these ladies are apparently models/ socialites that we hardly know anything about! I feel like a lot of these women …

Thank You For All Of Your Nominations

Hey Everyone! I’m not sure what’s going on but you guys are really enjoying sending nominations my way in the past few weeks. I’m going to send an overdo thank you to: Wander & Musings (Versatile Blogger Award), Mahimasingh97 (Blogger Nomination), The Petite Bloguese(Liebester), and to NepaliAustralian(Blogger Nomination To Be Voted). I’ve had one of you lovelies send a Liebster my way before when my blog first began, and I’m going to answer the questions from the Liebster (again) and, First Blogger Tag because I feel like mix & matching tonight… this will get lengthy! 

Honest Thoughts: Caroline Stanbury Is My Favourite Bitch

That’s right you read that correctly I have a favourite Bitch, and I’m being honest when I say that. Today I feel like showing you what a Fashion Blogger thinks about other than what to wear this season. Sometimes I admire women for no apparent reason it seems, and Caroline Stanbury has held my attention since watching Ladies Of London. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure next to K-pop drama’s where I often crave to try Kimbap and use words like “Oppa” or “Dai” in a sentence. (Doctor stranger, Angel Eyes, Fated To Love You- are a few fave Korean drama’s of mine) But this post isn’t about my guilty viewing pleasures, it’s all about my favourite blonde, skinny bitch who makes Ladies Of London worth watching, and wasting an entire hour of my life at a time.

What I Wore To Vancouver Fashion Week’s Gala

Hey Everyone! I’ve decided to post one of the looks that I wore to Vancouver Fashion Week’s Gala. I found the dress and gold leaf headband online from The Hudson’s Bay Company, The dress is by Free People, the headband by Expression. I also paired the look with my white faux fur vest by Design Lab X Lord & Taylor. I actually thought I was going to wear the shoes that I re-purposed, but decided to go with my Valentino rockstud heels instead. The look was put together with items of various price ranges (prices included). #OOTD

Happy Easter Everyone

Happy Easter Everyone! I went for a walk the previous day and took the Nikon D3300 out with me. I found all of these daffodils popping up along the way, and had to take these photos as proof that spring is on the way. Some of you might be celebrating Easter today,and I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!! I celebrate two Easters. I’m catholic, while my boyfriend is Russian orthodox- and as his dad would put it “If you miss one holiday, you still have Orthodox Christmas, New Years, Easter and so forth” Funny and true words. I anticipate attending Russian Orthodox church, because it’s new to me. There’s only one part that I enjoy and that is to see everyone lining the street outside of the church, with baskets full of Pashalniy Kulich, breads, wines – and candles to illuminate the area, waiting for the priest to bless their baskets. I find it to be one of those sights that is beautiful, candles, people and traditions from Russia. I don’t get …

DIY Shoe Makeover (Repurpose Your OLD Heels)

Hey Everyone & Matryoshkas!! 🙂 I’ve decided to try a little DIY that was easy and re-freshed my heels. To be honest there wan’t anything wrong with my heels to begin with, I just wanted a new shoe without the cost. I mentioned earlier this week that I’ll be attending Fashion Week, and I’ve decided to try to work these shoes into one of my outfits. I’m thinking of pairing them with a dress I bought on sale for the Gala! I’m trying to go into Fashion Week with items that come from the sale/clearance rack, with the addition of this little DIY. I also hope to post photos of each of my looks with the prices included! I want to prove that you can look stylish on a budget 🙂

Story Time! Product Disasters & Swollen Lips

Long time ago when I first became interested in beauty and skin care products, I suffered an allergic reaction. It began the night before High school picture day, and I was determined to look my best! I mean I wanted to look incredible, and have a photo I would be proud of in years to come. Somehow I thought it would be wise to start using an entire fleet of skincare products, combined with natural home remedies with items that came from my refrigerator. I grabbed some papaya, and mixed it with some other ingredients (that I’ve long forgotten, and with good reason), and thought “hey, let me make a home made face mask” that’s a great idea!