Hey Lovelies! Just An Update From The Caribbean With Love.


Hey Everyone! Greetings from the Caribbean and the ‘Friendly Island’ if you know where that motto’s from then you definitely will be able to guess the island I’m currently residing on. I have started to settle into life here, and I just want to first talk about avocados, because I finally ate the one I bought at Cost-U-Less with one of my new friends (who took me grocery shopping, and is showing me how this island works). I had no idea that there’s different species of avocados, I just thought all avocados looked the same, tiny-medium in size, with a bumpy surface and roundness to them. Well I definitely learned something new, the avocados I can get in the Caribbean are HUGE, green, with a smooth surface, have a sweet taste, and you can tell they have a far greater water content when you devour them. They are a little watery, but you know what Imma make guacamole outta them sometime and let you know how that works out..with like a pound of sour cream.

Prayers For Paris, Prayers For The World


There are moments when I remain silent in thought, thinking of things that enrage, or deeply sadden me in this world. I do not like to post about my inner most thoughts on my blog, my views, my opinions (with the exception of fashion advice). But, I feel like breaking my silence tonight, and I’m joining the solidarity to say that my prayers are with Paris. The sympathy I wish to express for all those who lost their lives, to the families who will never get back those they loved, for the victims, the survivors and the moments of terror they endured, to the memories that have been etched into their minds..I’m sending my prayers.

Spasiba For The One Lovely Blog Award



Privet Matryoshka’s! I would like to thank Pipsysl (The Passionate about fashion, art, cultures. Portuguese Law Student) who nominated me for The One Lovely Blog award. She’s pretty cool because she likes the Russian ‘it’ girls 😛 hehe.Now in true WordPress fashion when it comes to blogger to blogger awards- Here are 7 random facts about myself, as well as the 7 bloggers who I’ve nominated to receive this fun, good spirited award.

Fall Fashion Crush: Elena Perminova’s Chloé Sweater & Knee Highs


elena chloe fall

I’m used to seeing Elena Perminova pull out the fall classic of pairing a long sweater with over the knee boots. I think last year at Paris Fashion Week she did the same thing except her outfit was by Tom Ford. This time her look from head to toe is by Chloé. & I think this outfit has made itself onto my fall fashion crush list (and I also want her handbag, it’s blue & it’s cute). I think I’ll have to look for a new pair of boots so I can go for this comfortable style. What are some of your fall fashion crushes that you’re after?