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Tour Montreal With Me

Hey Lovelies! Visiting Montreal went by too fast, and Im actually missing this city! When we had landed in Pierre Trudeau Airport and began our journey to our hotel I actually found Montreal to be an ugly place. I saw a lot of industrial sights, and massive concrete overpasses that marred the landscape. However, my first impressions changed once we ended up in the area of Sherbrooke street where our Hotel was situated. (I think this is considered the business section of town) and it’s a perfect place to be if you enjoy walking, and exploring the city on foot. This area is nearby to McGill University, and not too far away from Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as places to sit down and eat along the way. Enjoy!

Zaychishka Is Going To Montreal

Hey Everyone! I’m having a crazy week! Less than a week ago my boyfriend booked us a surprise trip to..Montreal! I have never been to Montreal, in fact I haven’t been to most of the Provinces or Territories of Canada and I’ve been living in this country my entire life! But, Canadian Provinces are rather large (as opposed to the sizes of Europe countries or American states). As some of you know I live in British Columbia, I’ve been to Alberta (once), and now I’m going to Canada’s East coast to see a bit of Quebec, specifically less than 24 hours. (There is also a cool blogger who lives in Montreal and she is Nikki from the blog Hipster Thrifter Girl shout out to her, and for visiting her turf hehe)

Attention Fashionistas! Clutches Are Now A Flight Risk?!

Well I think we’ve all had that moment where we’ve dreaded packing for flights, especially whenever carry ons are concerned. Not only are there weight restrictions- but we’re limited with the personal items that we can bring. Liquids are a basic no-no unless under 100Ml, and can fit into a clear plastic bag ( just leave that Evian face spray at home girl!). While nail clippers, you better put that item in your checked luggage- but then again can you imagine someone clipping their toe nails mid flight next to you? Gross!. But there is one item that I wouldn’t have imagined as being considered a flight risk. I was watching the local news, and it showed items that the Canadian border security confinscates often- ranging from the usual liquids, alcohol, meats- etc. But then I saw an item, that anyone of us might not be aware of that can’t go in your carry on- because it’s apparently dangerous! & the Canadian border security will take this item away from you, and they won’t even …