Mysterious Russian Models & Socialites Of Instagram

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Privet Everyone, as you all know I’ve written countless posts dedicated to the Czarinas in the past. When Zaychishka Style was starting off I dedicated the majority of my posts to Russian/Ukrainian fashion, to the designers, history and of course the Style Icons. Now if any of you are  unfamiliar with the Czarians (aka the Russian Fashion pack/ style icons) they are Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko, Elena Perminova, Vika Gazinskaya and Anya Ziourova. However these ladies have come a long way from their stylish beginnings known for being in front of the cameras outside of Fashion Week. (And there lives have lead them in different directions so it’s not the same anymore! Although I’m sure some of them are still freinds to this day)

As for today I’m going to introduce you to some mysterious ‘Russians’ that I keep seeing all over instagram that are renowned for their style, enlarged pouts, plastic surgery,  and large Instagram following. Many of these ladies are apparently models/ socialites that we hardly know anything about! I feel like a lot of these women are trying hard to market their ‘artificial features’ to become Instagram famous. What are your thoughts? Let me know at the end of this post. And yes, I apologize in advance that this is kind of a junkie post but it’s light reading, a little fun, and can satisfy your curioisty..since I know a lot of you out there seem to love my ‘Spouses of the Russian it Girls post’ (that manages to be a top post each and every single day for some strange reason). PS. This post just fits in to my ‘Fun post of the day’ section perfectly.

Beauty Secrets From Russia & The Ukraine, With Love

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Privet my lovely Matryoshkas!! The Au Naturel trend is back in for summer. Models and celebrities alike are showing off fresh-faces, no longer masked by layers of makeup that makes them recognizable to us. Instead we are seeing a softer side, a side that has captured an innocence we’ve never imagined. It’s refreshing. Anyways where am I going with this?! Well todays post is about Russian and Ukrainian beauty secrets- namely beauty routines from this region of the world, what the it girls do, and some funny little quotes from them I’ve found. Besides most of you are familiar with the stereotype/ reputation where Russian and Ukrainian women are the ‘most beautiful’.

Paris Fashion Week’s Scene Stealers

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paris fashion week tutle

Whenever I think of Paris Fashion Week, I can’t help but to be reminded of the Devil Wears Prada. Particularly when Paris is depicted at night. The film then transitions to fashion designers making their cameo appearances, and the runways are lit up by the flash of photographers cameras. The scene makes me daydream, I just want to pack a luggage full of a parisian inspired wardrobe, fly to Paris, hotel at The Ritz, and sit front row at Chanel. I’d probably even adopt sunglasses as a new HG after being blinded by the flashing cameras, but that’d be a small price to pay (while in reality this is wistful thinking). But this dream will have to wait, as Paris Fashion Week has come to an end, but don’t worry there are still many street style images to look at to keep you entertained. Most of the looks featured are of the Russian Fashion Pack, so you will see the outfits Ulyana Sergeenko wore, to Vika Gazinskaya and even Natalia Vodianova. Aka the scene stealers. (Update: just added a stunning photo of Ulyana Sergeenko in red)

Anya Ziourova’s Bird Cage Veil & Dior


anyaziourovaPrivet Matryoshka’s today I’ve decided to put up a post about one of Anya Ziourova’s looks! I know I rarely pay much attention to Anya, but I found her look intriguing since she’s wearing a bird cage veil. I’m not a fan of these types of veils, but it works well with Anya’s outfit. What I am a fan of is grey garments (and in this case two types of grey on grey) for some odd reason. I’m hoping to shake up my fall wardrobe and add some hints of colour, or even throw on my yellow coat with pockets by Zara from time to time. Anyways back to Anya’s look, she wore this recently at Paris Fashion Week to the Dior fashion show, of course the outfit is by Dior too.

Spouses Of The Russian ‘it’ Girls


Why is she/he with her?” I feel like this is one of those thoughts our minds gravitate towards  when we walk past a couple on the street. The same thought occurs when we see a celebrity, or in this case a Russian style star. But, this post is a little different since the Russian it girls are often photographed alone- I’m just here to satisfy your curiosity of who the Czarinas have married/ coupled up with. So if you’re curious to see who’s footing the bill for (some of) their elaborate wardrobes- read on to unveil who these prince oligarchs are. Are they stylish? Rich, or famous perhaps?

Caped Crusaders


Privet Matryoshka’s capes are picking up popularity this season! It wasn’t too long ago that we first spotted Chloé capes on Elena Perminova and Anya Ziourova, and now there’s Burberry’s blanket, poncho, ahem– cape that is turning heads, & showing up on celebs and it girls alike. The point is capes are in for fall, and I’m dedicating this post to those who I’m calling the Caped Crusaders. I’m hoping to shake the image of Little Red Riding Hood out of your minds, for falls days when the weather doesn’t exactly call for a coat.

What Would It Be Like To Be A Russian it Girl ?



Last week I went shopping, and had some fun trying on a dress by Dsquared2, I thought to myself instead of oogling something from a far it makes more sense to just try the object of desire in question on- & you know that can lead to two results: One you try it on and it fits like a glove; meaning it’s coming home with you regardless of the astronomically high price tag, or that the dress has become less desirable, this is the preferred, and rare option you secretly are hoping for to spare your wallet. But my recent shopping trip fed my curiosity & not the cashier; and I asked myself ‘What would it be like to be a Russian it Girl?’

En Scène Paris Fashion Week

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When Paris Fashion Week rolls around you know that means it’s time for paparazzi and bloggerati alike to show off the latest street style looks from those who own the concrete catwalk. But this time I’m seldom a fan of what my favourite Russian fashion pack selected to be voluntarily photographed in.

Czarina Street Style From Paris Fashion Week

Street Style

Fotor0121123541Paris fashion Week is the busiest time of year for photographers, and “it” girls alike, showing us the concrete catwalk is just as important a place as the runway; for fashion. There’s something amusing to this, the sidewalk, the walkways are where the most fashionable are “snapped”, fuelling our obsession, our need for this street style.

Russians VS Italians: Whose “it” Girls Really Do It Better?

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Oh Anna Dello Russo!

There’s this saying I think some of you are familiar with that goes something like “Italians Do It Better”, and then there’s “The Russians Are Coming”. These two sayings really are appropriate for a post like this.