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Savory Tilapia Fingers & Home Made Aioli Sauce

Hey Lovelies, welcome back to another Zaychishka’s Kitchen post! Let me start off by saying that in the Caribbean Tilapia is everywhere, and it is one of the most convenient “fish” to cook with.  I’ve cooked Tilapia a few ways, but this time I decided to try out something a little different that also pairs nicely with an Aioli sauce that you can make yourself to go with this fish dish. Tonight I spent a good three hours whipping up a few dishes in the kitchen, taking time for photos up. Agh. cleaning up is always the least fun par of it all! lol…I’ll be dreaming of dirty dishes for weeks. Anyways I’ll show off what was for dinner tonight..that included these wonderful and tasty Tilapia “fingers” & Aioli sauce, alongside Greek inspired Rice, as well as my Fiance’s mother’s recipe for Stewed Vegetables, I promise I will be adding those recipes soon.

Tour Montreal With Me

Hey Lovelies! Visiting Montreal went by too fast, and Im actually missing this city! When we had landed in Pierre Trudeau Airport and began our journey to our hotel I actually found Montreal to be an ugly place. I saw a lot of industrial sights, and massive concrete overpasses that marred the landscape. However, my first impressions changed once we ended up in the area of Sherbrooke street where our Hotel was situated. (I think this is considered the business section of town) and it’s a perfect place to be if you enjoy walking, and exploring the city on foot. This area is nearby to McGill University, and not too far away from Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as places to sit down and eat along the way. Enjoy!

1st Edition ‘Wedding Planning’

Hello Lovelies!! As some of you have seen in an earlier post– I’m engaged! And well I’ve already started the wedding planning process. I decided to begin the entire process with buying a Wedding planner and organizer from Chapters, I opted for the one by Carley Roney and the editors of I think it lured me in over the others with it’s pretty minty-blue colour! I love that having your own Wedding planner and organizer allows you to keep track of everything, including budget, to inspiration, guest lists, food and venues etc and you can always add your own comments and info and to do lists- but at least it will all be in one place, neatly condensed for your convenience. It’s also perfect to take with you on the go say if you were to walk the site of a Venue you were interested in! I love this little organizer so much! (I already began to fill it’s pages with inspiration and things I want/ do not want LOL).

6 Tips To Refreshing Your Closet This Spring

Hey Everyone, this year I decided to do something I don’t normally bother with, or even give all that much thought to because this can be a daunting task, even for me! Can you guess what I’m referring to? Well it involves the dreaded Spring cleaning and your closet. I’m the type of person who can buy something and then when I put it into one of my closets it disappears to never be seen EVER again (kidding, sometimes things resurface after a year..or 5).  Or sometimes it’s easier to just grab your favourite outfit that you’ve worn several times in the past two weeks- simply because who wants to deal with battling their closet for clothing? Or you’re often running out of room and hangers for your other purchases. And last but not least you’re still wearing something that has holes in it..let it go! So if any of this applies to you, keep reading!

Noe Bernacelli 7.2.7 Haute Couture F/W 2016 At VFW

Hey Everyone! I hope you have all been well and that you can’t wait to see what the designers at VFW 2016 were dazzling audiences with. Some of you might know that I’ve been anticipating Noe Bernacelli’s show this season! He is a Peruvian designer who studied in Italy.  I’m currently working on close to 17 posts that will be featuring the designers who showcased their collections  at Vancouver Fashion Week this season, and who’s shows I attended. I also couldn’t resist putting up this post about Noe’s collection because I’ve been so excited to share what I got to see last week, with all of you. I became an instant fan of his designs at VFW F/W 2015 when I saw his floor length evening gowns that were sheer in all the right places. I felt as though he was channeling Elie Saab, and to see gowns with an incredible amount of detail in person, stole my breath away. This season Noe Bernacelli didn’t disappoint (although I miss seeing those evening gowns), with his 7.2.7 collection that …

Spring Trends & Must Haves (Psst Denim Is On The List)

This spring there’s a lot of trends to keep up with! Expect to see the classics this season like florals, and romantic ruffles. You know one of the seasons hottest selling dress comes from Proenza Schouler who decided to re-interpret the ruffle trend by drawing from Spanish elements- Traje de flamenca perhaps? You’ll also see that the mule shoe is back in, this time as a flat. While blouses and dresses will have a higher than average neckline. But if that’s not enough to confuse your outfit abilities to mix and match without a flaw- there’s even some 70’s inspired suede to deal with. So, with the designers deciding to throw a multitude of stuff at us, here is a Spring trend report, broken down and made simple for you. Plus a few Spring must haves I’ve picked out.

10 Brands That Slay Street Style

What do we look for in designer fashion labels? Is it their relevance, or the way they make a statement? When fashion week rolls around, the concrete catwalk is almost as equally as important as the runway. The streets set the trends. The quirky, and vibrant outfits of the risk takers are flaunted in our faces, while the style makers will be setting trends that so many of us will be inspired from, and interpret. It’s no secret that there’s just a few brands out there that continue to roll out those hot list items that we continue to crave. These top 10 brands know how to market love at first sight, and they definitely know how to slay.

Trending This Winter.. Patchwork ?!! Velvet??! ETC!

The Patchwork Coat Winter time usually means you need to wear items that will keep you warm, well this winter you can add a touch of flair by looking for jackets with multicoloured patchwork. I know what you’re thinking these might resemble that quilt your grandmother gifted you last christmas. But, this is the look du jour! Psst, these coats look best when paired with simple, black or leather leggings!! I’m almost falling for the Marni coat with it’s bold, reds, camels and cream patches that have been interspersed with touches of black. (All of these coats are from Marni)

TBT: Miroslava Duma’s Gold & White Ensemble

The afternoon light warms her features; highlighting the gold on the Burberry Prorsum skirt she chose to pair with a white kimono, and matching peep toe heels. This Throw Back Thursday post is all about Miroslava Duma’s look for 2013’s London Fashion Week. Nothing says LFW like Burberry, and I must admit there are times when I forget that Burberry makes clothing, like the gold skirt and peep toe heels featured here, yes it’s not only tartan trench coats for Burberry.