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A Quick Update From Zaychishka

Hey Everyone! I hope you all have been well! This month has been absolutely intense and I promise that you will be seeing posts up about Vancouver Fashion Week soon! I have a lot of images, content and editing to do- But I promise it will be worth the wait. This month I may have been a little behind to update, and sit down and take the time to blog because

Deconstructed Beauty

There was a morning when the word deconstructed popped into my mind, followed by the word beauty. I wasn’t aware of Jacques Derrida’s work of Grammatology (1967) that introduced the ideas of deconstruction. And I certainly wasn’t aware that deconstruction could be used to describe a critical outlook between text and meaning. In that moment, in the morning I was only thinking of two words that flowed into larger thoughts, with images of an alleyway, coldness, walls with rust, texture, and of graffiti.

I’m On Instagram, After How Long???!!

Privet! I’ve finally made my Instagram account public in the past week. I started to put up some photos, so it’s kind of a sad instagram page at the moment. I thought it would be an idea I could easily commit to, and that is sharing photos that I take with my phones camera that are unique, pretty or unusual in my eyes (and such might not always have a place on my blog, but would be perfect for instagram + it could be something fun to share) My instagram was only ever used to keep up with all of the latest Russian and fashion news so that’s why it’s lacking in photos. Of course some old images will surface as well that have been featured on my blog. So there now you have one more personal layer to see of who I am (Zaychishka/instagrams’s :zaychishkastyle) and now I will be able to post any interesting fashion events live!!

Armani Collezioni & Pink Champagne

The Room, October 18th, 2014.I was fashionably late, and being lead past a concierge desk concealed by a wall. A wall I have walked past countless times when wanting to take a look at the latest eccentric pieces from Moschino. I was bemused when I thought of how I never suspected another room to lay past where I was now being taken. I remember waking up that morning debating if I should, or should not attend the event I was invited to a few days prior. But, there I was late, and walking into an intimate and surreal setting (taking personal shopping to a new level for me). Less than 30 guests were in attendance (all women), sitting and whispering in hushed tones as a model walked around wearing pieces from Armani Collezioni’s Fall-Winter 2014/15 line. I was told I could sit anywhere, and I hurriedly found a seat for myself in the second row. Nearly as soon as I was settled into my seat I was asked if I would like ‘pink champagne, tea, …

Happy First Birthday Blog!

Privet Matryoshka’s!! Zaychishka Style is turning one today, so I wanted to celebrate my blog baby’s first birthday ever. I do want to take the time to say Thank You to all of the readers who check out the posts, to those who comment, like, follow, or share the posts from my blog. I think today, one year ago was the day when I first made my blog public. I remember feeling so nervous to hit the publicize and publish buttons, since this is my first blog! Anyways, for any of you who are not familiar with my blogs background history, it’s been inspired by my boyfriend, and he is the one who came up with its name! Ahh..looking back one year ago today..I think I want to cringe at my first posts, I had no idea what to do, or what to write, and now I’m kind of getting the hang of it. šŸ˜› Please do not revisit those posts lol.

Happy New Years Matryoshka’s It’s Twenty-Fourteen!!!

Well my Matryoshka’s it’s New Years, and it’s finally 2014- I’d like to wish all of you Happy New Year. Tonight I hope you made memorable moments in the ways you had wished for. Perhaps some of you were lucky enough to collect your midnight kiss with that handsome, or beautiful someone. Or maybe you caught that very extravagant firework display in Dubai (reportedly costing 10 million).

Happy Holidays: The Christmas Scene In Russia & The Ukraine

Christmas fair in Alexandrovskiy Garden in St. Petersburg, December 14, 2010. Privet Festive Matryoshka’s!!!Ā Imagine how beautiful this time of year is when Christmas lights shine brightly on Russian and Ukrainian streets. Think of the snow on the ground setting a picture perfect scene, reminiscent of a holiday card. I would like to wish all of you who are celebrating today a Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy your day, and to mark this special occasion I’m including beautiful images from both Russia and the Ukraine around this joyous time of year.Ā (I’ll also be wishing my Orthodox Matryoshka’s a Merry christmas come January 7th).Ā Ā + Hoping these pictures put you in the holiday mood in case it hasn’t reached you yet!

My Moda, My Style: It’s The Accessories

I love Russian fashion, and the Czarina’s who put a face to Russia’s style scene, yes I know I show favouritism to Elena Perminova and Miroslava Duma on a weekly basis. So for some relief from the Czarina’s, I thought I’d dedicate a littleĀ post to the three accessories I personally love to add to my own outfits when I’m in my own “it needs something elegant doesn’t it? sort of mood“.