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Victoria Bonya’s Little White Details

Privet Matryoshka’s!! You know I’ve never told you why I like to call you Matryoshka’s- in the beginning of my blogs start up I read a post where someone began their post with “Hello my dolls”. And I loved that concept, I’ve seen it in a lot of blogs actually- but having a Russian & Ukrainian blog I didn’t think that calling you dolls would suit, it wasn’t Russian enough- and wouldn’t be as original for me. I started to think of Matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls), I mean it is the number one souvenir of choice for most who visit Russia. It’s iconic from the country with 11 time zones. To wrap up the story- this is how you became my Matryoshka’s. Ah so this summer amongst wearing things with an avant-guarde flair- is the trend of wearing white. I know summer and wearing white is- let me quote Miranda Priesley on this “ground-breaking”  right? lol. You guys know that I’m a sucker for posting instagram pics, so here are some of Victoria Bonya- with her …

Victoria Bonya’s Nerd Chic Look

Privet Matryoshaka’s, Happy Friday!! I’ve been on another blog hiatus, I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been down right neglectful (I had a party, and ended up slaving away in the kitchen)- but enough of that!! Today I thought it would be fun to post a look that’s truly something I’m not used to seeing on Victoria Bonya. It’s casual, and It’s Nerd Chic!! I’m loving that the entire look is refreshing- Bonya’s seldom ever spotted looking so dressed down.

Victoria Bonya’s Look: The Russian Womans Fur Addiction

With full red lips, sky high heels, and a luxurious knee length fur coat; Victoria Bonya’s walking the streets of Sweden looking as though she’s never left Moscow. Is she confused? Has this jet-setter jetted off too many times to realize where she is? Highly unlikely. You see Matryoshka’s the Russian socialite loves her fur, and in this case Victoria Bonya ( Tv-Presenter who resides in either Monaco or Moscow) does too. Bonya’s look is what most imagine when thinking of the ideal Russian woman. She’s tall; yet still wears heels, maybe she wears an ushanka, and if not then she surely is wearing fur in your imagination; Fullfilling Russian beauty stereotypes-

Victoria Bonya’s Vacation Style

Privet Matryoshka’s aren’t you just wishing you could just jet-sett off to someplace warm with inviting beaches of white sand and bright blue water? Vacation style is something I love, and Victoria Bonya’s demonstrating the vacation-style-effect the way I like it. I love her simple use of flowing dresses, and her other understated looks that are perfect for photo-ops on the beach.

Victoria Bonya’s Holiday Looks + A Glimpse Of Winter In Monaco

Victoria Bonya has put up this look of herself standing beside a Christmas tree in a full length textured coat, a grey turtle neck and black leather boots for a winter chic approved style. This looks suits her well, and it’s nice she’s opted for a more subtle make-up look, making this a perfect transitional look from day to night. Anyway, what I love seeing are the festive images she’s been posting on her Instagram page. I’ve included the few pics I’ve found to be