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Rokoslana Bogutska Ukraine’s Prestigious Fashion Designer

It’s been rare of me so far to have a post on anything Ukrainian related, today’s post is about a designer from the Ukraine who deserves some recognition. In ways her work reminds me of Ulyana Sergeenko, and of Yulia Yanina’s,(her work ethic) + something else unidentifiable with other designers, making this designer distinct.

Pale Pinks & Lavender It’s About Minamalism In Paskal’s SS 2014 Collection

Julie Paskal’s SS 2014 collection is about a life full of impossible lightness and mysterious chances, attaining the vibe of jet setting away at whim, anytime, anywhere. The playful nature of this collection is captured by pastel hues, the sheerness of silk and laser cut designs to bring together elegance for the lucky, whimsical,