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Trending Tuesday: The Flatform *90’s Style Returns*

Happy Trending Tuesday! Today I’m introducing  to you a trend that is making a triumphant return from the 90’s. Some might say it’s making a cool style refresh comeback, while others will be sharing the exact same thought as Zaychishka, it’s hiiideeeousss burn it with fire. What’s this trend I’m speaking of? It’s the Flatform! Flatforms can only be described as being something that a designer whipped up while drunk one night with Elmers glue in hand, and glued a pair of flats onto platforms. I’m also sure this alleged designer laughed to themselves and said “YES, I can make ugly things and people will buy this and they’ll tell all their friends it’s all the rage this season” Way to go whoever you are, you did it. Flatforms are back.

Trending Tuesday: Kimono Jackets

Hey Everyone, I hope your week has been off to a great start! Today I’m putting up a new Trending Tuesday post, this time it’s about the kimono jacket trend that’s been popping up everywhere. A lot of designers from Anna Sui, Delpozo to DKNY have been rolling out their renditions of the Kimono. I’ll admit that kimonos aren’t always the easiest item to work into an outfit, but once you do they can be worth it. I hope this short & sweet post can inspire ! In addition I’ve selected my favourite kimono-esque jackets out there that I found to be unique, with my favourite being by the Spanish label Delpozo.

Elena Perminova, Chloé, Et D’inspiration Bohémienne

“Think shades of ivory, and cascading layers that draw from hippie and bohemian influence creating that boho chic look that seems to resurface every summer.  I’m sure none of you are all that surprised to see the return of boho. But, Some of you might be surprised to know that whenever the bohemian style is involved, there is often a hint of irony lingering. The boho style never began as a fashion statement, in fact the style was often worn by women who were indifferent to fashion altogether. The bohemian style didn’t filter itself into the style scene until the women of the early 21st century wanted to discard their bourgeoisie reputation in favour of a spirited, raw, and nomadic style consisting of flowing skirts, and patterns with endless florals.

Tips For Building A Better Wardrobe In 2015

I want to wish you all a belated and happy holidays (as today is the Russian Orthodox Christmas).To celebrate the occasion of a new year I’m already in the process of updating my wardrobe because 2015 is a new year, with new events coming up (and new outfits are required). Last week I was sifting through the fashion, trends, and the sales and that had me thinking that my blog needs more personal tips related to fashion and style. So this post is for anyone who’s feeling as if their wardrobe needs to be re-vamped, or if you’re feeling bored, and uninspired with what you have. Once you begin reading this you will have to keep in mind that the task of updating anything isn’t an overnight success story, and you might not have the wardrobe of your dreams within a day or week, or even a month of shopping, because I don’t encourage binge shopping. I tend to shop for 1-2 pieces of clothing at a time, and a lot of patience is required because if …