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What To Wear During Your Period Tips & TMI

Hey Everybody, oh yes I’m going there!! There are moments when we are bloated, feeling tired, hungry, angry,and  irritated all at once, and yet we still have to leave the house. Shark Week Period week sucks!! And so does getting ready when you’re stuck with them. I often feel like there are times when I walk into my closet and think ‘I have nothing to wear’ because I’m feeling bloated, or I feel that wearing a pad ruins so many looks, or you don’t always feel your sexiest. Over the years I’ve learned a few tips to dressing with periods, including  not giving up on wearing tight fitting outfits to special events while wearing a pad. And one of my favourite tricks is meant for narrowing down the amount of time you spend in your closet choosing what to wear when you’re tired and feeling a little lazy. And of course what I like to do when I want to hide my legs when they feel like to swelling on me also. I have a friend who often …

16 Tips To A Better Wax With Sugaring

Waxing is something that I don’t take lightly. I want the hair gone, while saying goodbye to the itchy legs that often accompany shaving. Let’s just say that I enjoy the freedom away from the razor every chance I get. Recently I discovered a new wax on one of my trips to the grocery store, one that said it’s a sugar formula. I’ve heard of sugaring before, as one of my friends does this all the time. It’s something her entire family swears by, and they usually make it at home. But I thought my first experience with sugaring shouldn’t be a DIY project, just yet. So I picked up the box with it’s contents and took it home.

How To Interview Fashion Designers For Your Blog

Privet!! I’m going to keep this short, sweet and neat! Fashion blogging involves a lot of different aspects (especially behind the scenes!) including interviewing fashion designers to feature on your blog! In the beginning of my blog, I was incredibly shy. I wouldn’t have dreamed of writing anything more than what the Russian it girls were wearing. As time passed by, my confidence grew (thanks to a lot of the friendly people on WordPress)and I began to attend fashion related events, while interviewing a few fashion designers along the way. So with that being said, here are some helpful tips I’ve learned along the way that can help you make your blog stand out, and get you those interviews.