Spring Cleaning On Zaychishka Style


Privet Matryoshkas! Right now I feel as if I’m facing the challenge of cleaning out my closet, I think that’s the best way to describe the feeling I’m having right now.  If you’ve noticed anything about my blog today you’ll see that I’ve changed my theme. So I am officially apologizing to you all for unleashing the disheveled chaos onto your eyes. If you’re curious I picked out the Zuki theme, and am playing around with the widgets, and slider function on the Home page (which is where most of the mess is/ trying to be contained :P). I feel like this is a lot of work even though if one were to see me in person at this exact moment, you’d see a girl wearing her lululemon top and Victoria’s Secret sweat pants, typing away on her keyboard looking like a mad typist. But I could secretly be watching netflix and to the average eye it looks like I’m being really damn lazy today. I fall victim to lazy days once in a while too ..& shhh keep that part about the sweat pants a secret between us hehe 🙂

Yves Saint Laurent 1976

Timeless Reads

“The modern woman is artistically literate, well traveled, and a sexually liberated being”. It was no secret that Yves Saint Laurent fell under the spell of beautiful women, whom he often made into his muse. Each of the women had their trademark in both beauty and individuality, including Victorie Doutreleau, Catherine Deneuve, Betty Catroux, and Katoucha Niane. Yves first muse was his mother Lucienne, who consistently presented herself as this sort of maquillaged creature in his eyes. During the day Lucienne would wear blouses with fresh, crisp laundered skirts, and by evening she would change into full bodied gowns, to be paired with high heels. It was Lucienne who encouraged her sons interest in fashion, often taking him with her on trips to pick up the latest edition of Vogue, or bringing him out to the theatre. It was also Lucienne that gave Yves all his support that would make him a success in his not so distant future. 

Tips For Building A Better Wardrobe In 2015

Timeless Reads

I want to wish you all a belated and happy holidays (as today is the Russian Orthodox Christmas).To celebrate the occasion of a new year I’m already in the process of updating my wardrobe because 2015 is a new year, with new events coming up (and new outfits are required). Last week I was sifting through the fashion, trends, and the sales and that had me thinking that my blog needs more personal tips related to fashion and style. So this post is for anyone who’s feeling as if their wardrobe needs to be re-vamped, or if you’re feeling bored, and uninspired with what you have. Once you begin reading this you will have to keep in mind that the task of updating anything isn’t an overnight success story, and you might not have the wardrobe of your dreams within a day or week, or even a month of shopping, because I don’t encourage binge shopping. I tend to shop for 1-2 pieces of clothing at a time, and a lot of patience is required because if something is going to make it’s way into my closet these days it has to make me fall head over heels.