Ready For Spring In The City


Privet Matryoshkas! I’ve been seeing a lot of spring themed items in the city, and the bright colours are refreshing! Sometimes I hate that winter has such dowdy, dull colour palettes and things seem to match the cloudy atmosphere that looms over the city of Vancouver. So today me and the mom decided to take a trip downtown to find her dress for my cousins wedding. Since I found mine first I was able to dedicate more time to making my mom look like an elegant woman, and it was a success. She says I have great taste, and if she can walk away happy with her dress purchase then I did my part as her personal stylist. I’m relieved when I can find something for her, you know how moms can be they don’t want to spend money on themselves(they rather spend on you!), this time she finally did and I was proud of her. She doesn’t want me to post her dress up on the blog, I guess she’s like me because we’re both making our dresses a surprise for the wedding (scared someone from the family might see the dress prematurely lol). But I promise I will be showing these dresses in the near future, just be patient with me, lol!

Armani Collezioni & Pink Champagne

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The Room, October 18th, 2014.I was fashionably late, and being lead past a concierge desk concealed by a wall. A wall I have walked past countless times when wanting to take a look at the latest eccentric pieces from Moschino. I was bemused when I thought of how I never suspected another room to lay past where I was now being taken. I remember waking up that morning debating if I should, or should not attend the event I was invited to a few days prior. But, there I was late, and walking into an intimate and surreal setting (taking personal shopping to a new level for me). Less than 30 guests were in attendance (all women), sitting and whispering in hushed tones as a model walked around wearing pieces from Armani Collezioni’s Fall-Winter 2014/15 line. I was told I could sit anywhere, and I hurriedly found a seat for myself in the second row. Nearly as soon as I was settled into my seat I was asked if I would like ‘pink champagne, tea, coffee, wine or sparkling water’ I declined for the moment being. Intently I watched the models demonstrating the versatility of Armani’s collection, from well tailored pants, to jackets that could almost double as sweaters- that’s just how comfortable they are. (At this event I sat down with the Director of the Hudson’s Bay Company to talk Armani. + I took pictures, and even a small video for you guys to check out)

Zaychishka’s ‘Fun Fall Fashion Finds’

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Whoever said Fall can only happen outdoors, hasn’t seen ‘The Room’ this week. I decided to go shopping the other day, and to have a look at all the new fall items, and funky fashion creations up close. First I always enjoy when a store puts up a display of sorts, it really sets the mood, and enhances in mind visualizations for which styles look good. Two items that I came across stood out the most. These pieces can honestly make for fun conversation starters, and are clearly unique. So the two items are made by Charlotte Olympia, and follow an oriental theme. One clutch resembles a Chinese food take out box. By the way I always wish my chinese food came in these little boxes, but instead where I’m from they come in little aluminum like plates. Not cute at all.

In The City: Bicycles And Fashion

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I once had a bicycle that truly looked the part of vintage, I’m not exactly sure how old it was since it was just given to me, but let me tell you this about the bicycle of mine- if maybach made bikes, they made mine. When I walked into a local department store I was surprised to see an exhibit between Bicycles and fashion. Display’s are actually rare to see in my city, especially ones that remind you of an art exhibit. I loved the walk through, and the outfits on the mannequins. I’ve never heard of Martone Cycling Co before, and I just decided on a whim to pluck my iphone out of my purse to begin snapping away at what I saw, and thought would make for a cute post due to a day of shopping.