Fashion Find: Chic For Cheap Elie Tahari Blazer (You’ll Never Guess The Price)


Hey Everyone, this has got to be one of my best Fashion Finds yet! It’s true that I’ve been doing a lot of shopping, and as you know I’m trying to find items to take with me to the Caribbean. Living in Vancouver BC pretty much means that your wardrobe is full of sweaters, and clothing that will keep you warm, or at least dry on rainy days. To say the least my summer wardrobe has been lacking. I’ve been stocking up on loose, basics tee’s, cute colourful dresses, and leggings,shorts, rompers etc- just Anything that will keep me cool and comfy for when I’m there. 

Elena Perminova In Black & White

Photo Shoots

Hey everyone this is just something short & sweet! Sometimes I just love the allure of a simple outfit. An outfit that does not come in an array of colours, or one that has a million tiny embellishments attached. Sometimes classic and clean looks like this minimalist one Elena’s wearing for a secret shot for Dior with Tatler Russia, is a look I can fall for. It’s black and white, what’s not to love? The shoot she’s involved in is for Dior cruise line.

Shay Mitchell’s Casual Sunday Inspo

Casual Sunday

Hey Everyone! There’s something about Shay Mitchell that reminds me of the blogger Sincerely Jules, perhaps it’s the beautiful places on the actresses Instagram page or maybe it’s the way she poses while wearing a pair of sunnies. Anyways I love Shay M’s casual style- she doesn’t try too hard and it reminds me of something almost anyone of us could pull off. Sometimes the simple styles are what I want to see…especially when I’m still recovering from the fashion at Vancouver Fashion Week and that was way back in March! Shay M’s style reminds me of the right amount of casual we could use on this happy Sunday. Unfortunately where I’m at, there’s a lot of rain, I’m bundled up in sweaters and I feel like we’ve reverted back to the season of fall.

Chiara Ferragni’s Bikini?

Style Inspiration

For any of you who don’t already know Chiara Ferragni, Chiara is an Italian style star who is the creative blogger behind the popular blog ‘The Blonde Salad’. Chiara isn’t only a blogger but a fashion designer, a spokesperson for famous clothing brands, and an author. Often she collaborates with designers from Chanel, J Brand, Louis Vuitton, to Dior. Anyways I was browsing Instagram lately and saw a few of her photos rocking some gorgeous lacey, white outfits in Brazil. She’s currently in Brazil for the Louis Vuitton Cruise show and she’s been modelling off some killer summer style. One of the looks she’s been showing off is what I believe to be a bikini? But, it would look just as amazing in the who knows.. maybe we should all start wearing our lingerie to the beach a little more often. Kidding! I’m also adoring her little white dress. What are your thoughts on these looks?

Elena Perminova In Gondolier Inspired Stripes

Casual Sunday

Hey Everyone Happy Casual Sunday! This post is going to be short & sweet so get ready! I also want to know if any of you are getting ready to travel for the summer to some far off and exotic locations? I may be going on a trip but I’ll keep that quiet for now- but I will say that I promise to take photos to share with you all! I may even do a few outfit posts along the way and a few other travel themed posts!!

7 Looks Of Miroslava Duma’s Cool Comeback

Style Inspiration

Hey everyone!!! Hope you’re ready for this post especially if you are a fan of Mira Duma! From Mickey Mouse Tee’s to athleisure wear Miroslava Duma is making a comeback with her style. The Russian style icon who we couldn’t resist seeing outside of fashion week all those years ago is making a triumphant return with her youthful style, and appearance lately. She is a woman who has it all she’s a successful businesses woman (Co-Founder,, charity fund Peace Planet, digital investor and entrepreneur) a wife, a mother and has an amazing sense of style.

Mysterious Russian Models & Socialites Of Instagram

Fun Post Of The Day

Privet Everyone, as you all know I’ve written countless posts dedicated to the Czarinas in the past. When Zaychishka Style was starting off I dedicated the majority of my posts to Russian/Ukrainian fashion, to the designers, history and of course the Style Icons. Now if any of you are  unfamiliar with the Czarians (aka the Russian Fashion pack/ style icons) they are Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko, Elena Perminova, Vika Gazinskaya and Anya Ziourova. However these ladies have come a long way from their stylish beginnings known for being in front of the cameras outside of Fashion Week. (And there lives have lead them in different directions so it’s not the same anymore! Although I’m sure some of them are still freinds to this day)

As for today I’m going to introduce you to some mysterious ‘Russians’ that I keep seeing all over instagram that are renowned for their style, enlarged pouts, plastic surgery,  and large Instagram following. Many of these ladies are apparently models/ socialites that we hardly know anything about! I feel like a lot of these women are trying hard to market their ‘artificial features’ to become Instagram famous. What are your thoughts? Let me know at the end of this post. And yes, I apologize in advance that this is kind of a junkie post but it’s light reading, a little fun, and can satisfy your curioisty..since I know a lot of you out there seem to love my ‘Spouses of the Russian it Girls post’ (that manages to be a top post each and every single day for some strange reason). PS. This post just fits in to my ‘Fun post of the day’ section perfectly.

Honest Thoughts: Caroline Stanbury Is My Favourite Bitch

Fun Post Of The Day

That’s right you read that correctly I have a favourite Bitch, and I’m being honest when I say that. Today I feel like showing you what a Fashion Blogger thinks about other than what to wear this season. Sometimes I admire women for no apparent reason it seems, and Caroline Stanbury has held my attention since watching Ladies Of London. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure next to K-pop drama’s where I often crave to try Kimbap and use words like “Oppa” or “Dai” in a sentence. (Doctor stranger, Angel Eyes, Fated To Love You- are a few fave Korean drama’s of mine) But this post isn’t about my guilty viewing pleasures, it’s all about my favourite blonde, skinny bitch who makes Ladies Of London worth watching, and wasting an entire hour of my life at a time.

What I Wore To Vancouver Fashion Week’s Gala

Fun Post Of The Day

Hey Everyone! I’ve decided to post one of the looks that I wore to Vancouver Fashion Week’s Gala. I found the dress and gold leaf headband online from The Hudson’s Bay Company, The dress is by Free People, the headband by Expression. I also paired the look with my white faux fur vest by Design Lab X Lord & Taylor. I actually thought I was going to wear the shoes that I re-purposed, but decided to go with my Valentino rockstud heels instead. The look was put together with items of various price ranges (prices included). #OOTD

Trending Tuesday: The Flatform *90’s Style Returns*

Style Watch

Happy Trending Tuesday! Today I’m introducing  to you a trend that is making a triumphant return from the 90’s. Some might say it’s making a cool style refresh comeback, while others will be sharing the exact same thought as Zaychishka, it’s hiiideeeousss burn it with fire. What’s this trend I’m speaking of? It’s the Flatform! Flatforms can only be described as being something that a designer whipped up while drunk one night with Elmers glue in hand, and glued a pair of flats onto platforms. I’m also sure this alleged designer laughed to themselves and said “YES, I can make ugly things and people will buy this and they’ll tell all their friends it’s all the rage this season” Way to go whoever you are, you did it. Flatforms are back.