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Before Ulyana Sergeenko There Was….Lyubov Orlova

Privet! How are all of you? I was looking into a bit of history, and came across an actress and singer who was one of the women who influenced style in Russia. In fact she is known as one of the first of her kind who inspired women to look beautiful. There were times when the Soviet epoch had women thinking that beauty, or obsessing over ones hairstyle was “bourgeoisie”, and there was even a saying that went around that beautiful women “spent all of their time in front of a mirror” (which insinuated that they were not of the working class). However, that attitude shifted, and beauty salons all over Russia began to open. Anyways, back on topic,  before Ulyana Sergeenko, there was the beautiful, and timeless Lyubov Orlova.

Ulyana Sergeenko’s SS 2015 Folk Bags

Privet Matryoshkas it has been a long time since I’ve made a post about a Russian designer who doubles as a street style star! So here it is, just for you! Well Ulyana Sergeenko never fails to impress me with her vivid imagination, that often draws inspiration from the places she’s traveled to, and distant echoes of the soviet era. Haute Couture and Ulyana do share something in common and that is that they both have a love for folklore. Remember her SS 2013 handbag collection? I was so inspired by her SS 2013 collection that since I was not able to covet one of the Russian themed folk handbags, I decided to make my own..which ended up to be a lot of work, but an enjoyable project nonetheless. 

A Look Inside Miroslava Duma’s Closet

Miroslava Duma has a wardrobe to envy, and with her busy lifestyle she knows how to pick clothing essentials to keep her on the go style fresh and statement worthy. Here’s just a tiny peek into her portable, on-the-go closet ..that can give you further insight into Miroslava’s unique sense of style, and why she’s been warranted one of Russia’s it Girls.