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Moscow Street Style, Girl In Red

Matryoshka’s wouldn’t you agree that part of the reason behind why street style images attract our attention is that they not only capture the wearer’s fashion ,(+ inspires us to be more fashionably unique ) but they also capture visually attractive scenery in foreign places. The girl in red’s own style is enhanced by Moscow’s

Dusk At Iversky Gate Captures The Mysterious Russian Soul

Dusk is evenings darkest moment before the night sweeps over, revealing a blackness marred by stars they say have met an eternal sleep; they even say our eyes see those near death. The life of a star is not the ‘star’ in this post. My mood has been taken by melancholy, inflicted by dusk that has already swept over the sky I look at night, after night. Such a mood inspired me to show you a different image of Russia. When you google images of Russia, the photography of the land, symbols, landmarks etc- have a different sort of beauty that sort of needs ‘dusting off’- a closer look, a different look more so.