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Throwback Socialite Style: Tinsley Mortimer

To be honest I never knew, or heard of Tinsley Mortimer until a few weeks back when I read an article about her life as a burgeoning socialite, and of how her life took a tragic turn, where she was arrested and well that’s not for this post! This post is all about Tinsley Mortimer’s style, and will be kicking off a series I would love to pursue on the Zaychishka Style blog as a throwback to the socialites of the pasts- mainly about their style. These posts are about the days when the Kardashians weren’t showing off their asses to grapple for our attention, -to a time when Socialites worked on committees, and were noticed for their style. There was a  time when Tinsley Mortimer was considered New York’s sweetheart when her images were everywhere and she was often invited to the elite social parties and galas. A quick google image search depicts her as a socialite who was often photographed for her style, (it even looks like she was addicted to wearing YSL sandals …

Honest Thoughts: Caroline Stanbury Is My Favourite Bitch

That’s right you read that correctly I have a favourite Bitch, and I’m being honest when I say that. Today I feel like showing you what a Fashion Blogger thinks about other than what to wear this season. Sometimes I admire women for no apparent reason it seems, and Caroline Stanbury has held my attention since watching Ladies Of London. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure next to K-pop drama’s where I often crave to try Kimbap and use words like “Oppa” or “Dai” in a sentence. (Doctor stranger, Angel Eyes, Fated To Love You- are a few fave Korean drama’s of mine) But this post isn’t about my guilty viewing pleasures, it’s all about my favourite blonde, skinny bitch who makes Ladies Of London worth watching, and wasting an entire hour of my life at a time.