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Fashion Find: $15 Maxi Dress

Hey Everyone! What I love about this time of year is that summer clothing starts to go on sale, that’s right the summer hasn’t ended..but you can snag some gorgeous pieces for enticing prices. Today I decided to venture off to Homesense/ Winners. Canadians know the deal with this place, but if you’re unfamiliar with Homesense & Winners..think of it like a Marshalls, or TJ Max (which it’s under the TJ Max group). Anyways I love to go to this store for my face washes, and moisturizers because sometimes if you look extra hard you can walk away with great products, for cheap. I’m stocking up on items for the Caribbean so this is the place to go. Now, I spotted a long, white Maxi dress with some embroidered detail, and guess what it happened to be on sale for $15, from $50. The dress is by the brand Japna, and is handmade in India.

A Fringed Find To Inspire Fashionistas On A Budget

Hey Everyone!! I love to find things on sale just like everyone else and if I go to a store I’ll always hit the clearance rack first. So, the other day I decided I needed to get a backpack so I can store my camera and fashion week survival pack easily, and with style. I went into The Hudson’s Bay (my favourite store) and said to myself “I want to find a backpack for $20, that’s my limit”. And somehow I came across a black, fringed Kensie backpack that was marked down from $89.00, with an extra 40% off the last ticketed price which made the bag a total of $24 with tax.

Lipsticks You Need On Your Lips Now

2016 is the year of the lip and as much as I hate to say this name (I’m trying to keep my blog a Kardashians/ Jenner free zone for the most part) but Kylie Jenner inspired pouts are still in. It seems like the media just loves to throw out the name “Kylie Jenner” whenever a new celebrity is seen with fuller lips/injections. The latest example: Hailey Baldwin now has “Kylie Jenner level huge lips”.  Gone are the days of throwing out Angelina Jolie’s name whenever an enlarged lip is spotted! Lips are one of the facial features that can draw someone in, like your significant other.