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Irina Shayk Romping’ Around

Privet Matryoshkas, happy Casual Sunday! I’m excited about this post because it involves a romper and Irina Shayk. You see the romper that’s on Irina shayk as she tries to hail a cab in New York, is a romper that looks similar to a romper I own (from H&M by L.O.G.G- which is also featured in this post if you want a look similar to Irina’s), and wear every chance I get. This romper exudes comfort, beachy vibes, and suits my skin tone making it my HG of outfits for the summer. I also must confess that I have a romper obsession at the moment and I’ve already bought 4 this summer ranging from Dressy (for dining out), to Casual (perfect for Casual Sundays). I love wearing these out for casual, thoughtless style know when you don’t really feel like putting an outfit together, and you don’t want to wear a dress, and you’re in no mood for playing mix and match with a two piece outfit. A romper is the third possible solution that can solve …

Summer Tease

Privet! The siren call of summer has been teasing me- from semi visible tan lines to sunshine, it almost felt like summer came early. Last Week I was in what I can only describe as a sun-kissed state of mind that made me go out and pick up neon pink nail polish. When I had finished painting my nails, my fantasy of hot summer nights had started to take a hold of me. But the purchases didn’t stop with the nail polish. I had went out and looked for two new pieces that would make my summer 2015 wardrobe hotter than all the years before.