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Cooking In The Caribbean

Hey Lovelies! So as most of you may know I am now in the Caribbean! I also have a lot of time to cook, and a Fiance who will devour every meal I make 🙂 So I’m slowly learning how to stay on budget with food (and that is so difficult because I love to eat, I want to try a lot of recipes and that means I need a lot of ingredients). However I’m trying to be creative and try not to go overboard with different I tend to use a lot of lemon, garlic ( minced + garlic salt), and paprika to season the dishes that I make. In the future I’d love to learn how to make Jerk chicken, and try to see what some of the local cuisine is like, and take some of those ideas to re-create a wonderful dish to savour and enjoy for next times dinner.

Hey Lovelies! Just An Update From The Caribbean With Love.

Hey Everyone! Greetings from the Caribbean and the ‘Friendly Island’ if you know where that motto’s from then you definitely will be able to guess the island I’m currently residing on. I have started to settle into life here, and I just want to first talk about avocados, because I finally ate the one I bought at Cost-U-Less with one of my new friends (who took me grocery shopping, and is showing me how this island works). I had no idea that there’s different species of avocados, I just thought all avocados looked the same, tiny-medium in size, with a bumpy surface and roundness to them. Well I definitely learned something new, the avocados I can get in the Caribbean are HUGE, green, with a smooth surface, have a sweet taste, and you can tell they have a far greater water content when you devour them. They are a little watery, but you know what Imma make guacamole outta them sometime and let you know how that works out..with like a pound of sour cream.

Celebrating Russian Orthodox Easter

Privet! Russian Easter is coming up this weekend on Sunday, April 12th, and I’m wishing all of you a belated and early Happy Easter! As you know this is the time of year when the famous Russian/ Ukrainian eggs are decorated to then be distributed amongst family, friends and even strangers. I will admit that I am not the type who attends church often, but this weekend I will be at one of the Russian Orthodox churches to celebrate, and hopefully have something blessed whether it is eggs, wine or a traditional Kulich (it’s like an easter cake, which my mom called a panetone the first time I brought one home when it was given to me by my boyfriends mother after attending his church- he’s orthodox, and I’m catholic). Celebrating easter in an orthodox church is an interesting experience. There are a few things that I’ve learned from my own experience that I’ll be sharing that could be helpful to you that is if you ever decide to visit an Orthodox church (like the …

Russian Holiday Cuisine With A Twist

Are all of those gifts are for me?! Sigh a girl can dream right? Privet my lovely matryoshka’s today’s post is a bit more festive and fun, this post actually has nothing to do with fashion, in fact this specific thing causes controversy when associated with fashion. The specific thing you ask is none other than food- and what’s better than regular food, is food for the holidays. Those holiday eats can’t be beat! So if you’re finished with your holiday shopping, and are now looking for some new cuisine ideas to show off your