Update: Pitchouguina’s Whimsical SS 2015 Collection


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Privet Matryoshka’s! Pitchouguina’s latest collection for Spring Summer 2015 is for the whimsical girl. It’s playful, and looks so comfortable. Pitchouguina’s collections often draw inspiration from every day moments, and the little ‘things that can easily go unnoticed’. What I love the most when I look at the details of the collection are- well first let me say that each one of these pieces are so beautiful, and feminine and I can honestly picture seeing someone wearing any one of these on a romantic walk, out with friends, to even belonging to a girl who is a summer time jetsetter. I also adore her use of a soft and clean colour palette with pinks, whites and blues. Pitchouguina has also put her own twist on stripes- they aren’t overbearing, which stripes can be notorious for, instead this re-imagined take on the classic trend is subtle.

OFF STRAND Kicks Off This Week



As you all know this is a blog dedicated to Russian and Ukrainian designers, so you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning this event that is for London designers- If you remember my interview post with Anna Pitchouguina then this will all make sense, I promise. But if you don’t remember, well Anna Pitchouguina is a designer who was born in Russia, and had a Polish upbringing, she now has her own shop in London. Anyways!! Anna Pitchouguina and the graphic designer Emanuele Copioli teamed up to create OFF STRAND a non profit project with the goal to ‘create a collective showcase of London based designers, and make their work available through pop ups in different cities’.

Zaychishka’s Interview With The Fashion Designer Anna Pitchouguina “She Is A Dreamer, Definitely A Dreamer”

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Youthfulness, simple shapes, and awkward moments come to life in Anna Pitchouguina’s collections that have been gaining popularity since the launch of her brand in August 2013. The Russian Fashion Designer who was raised in Poland gets most of her inspiration from everyday moments, moods and scenes. In her latest Autumn-Winter 2014/15 collection melancholy adorns each garment. Think of lone foot steps in the snow, and trees mourning over the loss of their leaves; A haunting image straight out of the Picturesque Russian landscape in the dead of winter. Recently Anna Pitchouguina let me ask her a few questions, where she discussed what it was like behind the scenes at this years Aurora Fashion Week ( for her, and her team), to her love of fabrics, and of course why she is so drawn towards everything awkward, and how it became a leading muse for the Pitchouguina brand. The Interview is included below.

Melancholy In Pitchouguina’s Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Collection

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Imagine yourself caught in an unexpected moment, when emotions take over; taking you through highs and lows; Emotions are plastered for all to see on our faces, and heard within our voices. Pitchouguina is a brand based on emotions, specifically awkward behaviours, and dreamy attitudes. For Autumn-Winter 2014/15 Pitchouguina’s collection revolved around  naked tree’s, and foot prints left in the snow resembling a melancholic mood.