Casual Sunday: Peplums & Natalia Vodianova

Casual Sunday

casual sunday

Fall, the time when leaves begin to leave the trees, covering the ground as a precursor to the blanket of winters snow fall. For some fall is a favourite season. It’s surreal to see the changing colours in the trees that line the streets. While the subtle chill lingering in the air brings with it a sort of nostalgia, and memories of the first time when I drank a pumpkin spice latte (Yes I drink those!). Well Matryoshka’s summer is over, but Casual Sunday’s are not! Time to bring out your fall fashion crushes and enjoy the new season while it lasts.

Paris Fashion Week’s Scene Stealers

Street Style

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Whenever I think of Paris Fashion Week, I can’t help but to be reminded of the Devil Wears Prada. Particularly when Paris is depicted at night. The film then transitions to fashion designers making their cameo appearances, and the runways are lit up by the flash of photographers cameras. The scene makes me daydream, I just want to pack a luggage full of a parisian inspired wardrobe, fly to Paris, hotel at The Ritz, and sit front row at Chanel. I’d probably even adopt sunglasses as a new HG after being blinded by the flashing cameras, but that’d be a small price to pay (while in reality this is wistful thinking). But this dream will have to wait, as Paris Fashion Week has come to an end, but don’t worry there are still many street style images to look at to keep you entertained. Most of the looks featured are of the Russian Fashion Pack, so you will see the outfits Ulyana Sergeenko wore, to Vika Gazinskaya and even Natalia Vodianova. Aka the scene stealers. (Update: just added a stunning photo of Ulyana Sergeenko in red)

Interview With Lana Siberie’s Iulia Filipovscaia ‘Clothes Are Another Way Of Communication’

Interviews & Exclusives


I woke up one morning to find a message in my inbox, it was 7:30am when I read what it contained, making me jump out of bed to gather my notes. That preparation still did not save me from my nerves that were mixed with excitement. I was excited, (and still am) to be able to interview the Russian Fashion Designer and Artist; Iulia Filipovscaia who created the brand LANA SIBERIE. She makes custom made pieces, and has made sweaters for the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodinova and her charity Naked Heart.

Natalia Vodianova Models Off Etam’s Lingerie For Spring 2014



The Russian model Natalia Vodianova is no stranger to modelling off lingerie, her career took flight when Calvin Klein offered her a seven figure contract that lasted for eight seasons. Notably, Vodianova’s work with CK depicted her in lingerie laying on top of a mans chest (she’s absolutely stunning in those ads). Here’s the link of the photo’s I’m referring to, plus a bit of Natalia Vodianova’s Cinderella tale. Anyways, Natalia’s back to modelling for Etam, the famous french lingerie brand- this time it’s for their Spring 2014 lingerie collection (she’s even modelled off their swim wear). Etam’s spring 2014 collection has Natalia wearing one pieces, and lace in soft pastels, nudes, and chic blacks. Tres femme.

Natalia Vodianova The Russian Cinderella And Philanthropist

Fashion Profile

zG1B0Natalia Vodianova The Russian Cinderella

Privet Matryoshka’s here is a heart warming tale for you to enjoy, which seems suitable for the holiday season upon us. Natalia Vodianova’s story is familiar, similar to the tale of cinderella,- one moment she was living life in poverty and the next her life spiral’s into the grandeur of paris life.

What prompted her to trust her intuition and turn to the model agency in Nizhny Novogorod at the age of 16, was that she recognized men showed an interest in her. Natalia’s been quoted saying

GUM’s Demanding Removal Of The Louis Vuitton Chest In Moscow’s Red Square


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The Louis Vuitton chest that I’ve mentioned previously, (& still located) in Moscow’s infamous Red Square, has been causing quite a stir from onlookers as well as from the GUM department store. GUM is demanding Louis Vuitton removes the chest, claiming that the Louis Vuitton exhibit

Natalia Vodianova’s Share A Smile Charity.

Fun Post Of The Day


Tis’ the season to make a difference! The russian model Natalia Vodianova is taking part in a charity event known as “Share A Smile” meant to bring a smile to children’s’ faces,(it’s for a good cause) The Apple Store and Google Play application is available for download for all iOS-and Android-based devices, designed by branding agency Fitch. You simply type in a search engine the words “Share A Smile,” download the free