Moscow Street Style, Girl In Red

Street Style


Matryoshka’s wouldn’t you agree that part of the reason behind why street style images attract our attention is that they not only capture the wearer’s fashion ,(+ inspires us to be more fashionably unique ) but they also capture visually attractive scenery in foreign places. The girl in red’s own style is enhanced by Moscow’s

Street Style Being Muscovite Chic

Street Style


It’s true Russian women have an outré affair with fashion, but relax this is not an overly dramatic street style look. I’m enjoying the simplicity of an all black outfit, it has its moment of chic-ness. Sometimes all black outfits are guilty

A Moscow Stylists’s Steet Style Look

Street Style


Hello Matryoshka’s this is the street style look of one of Moscow’s own, her name is Kris Khoronzhuk and she is the fashion editor for DIMagazine(she’s also a stylist). There’s more photo’s of her look, as well as a quote on her take on style, and trends. I like that she shows some personality with this outfit choice!