Minimalist Styling Tips

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Stripped down, simple, clean. Those are just a few words that describe Minimalism. This fashion trend has been in circulation since the 80’s, and became more prominent in American fashion during the 90’s. Don’t believe me? Just google Calvin Klein. Let me just say that art and fashion go hand in hand with one another. In art minimalism is defined as a style that uses pared down design elements, well that statement applies to minimalism in fashion also. Which brings me to  starting off this post with a basic principle that you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to conquer this style: Less is more.

MFW: Mira Duma’s Burgundy Monochrome

Street Style

Da, Molodets Mira on pulling off the Monochrome! Miroslava Duma’s burgundy monochrome suit shows us the czarina can pull off any look- her small stature, and her demure features just suck us in every time- rarely has a look ever failed her. Mira took this look out on the