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Miranda Kerr’s Face Is Overly Photoshopped In New Ad Campaign

“Bad photoshop turns Miranda Kerr into a Stepford wife, reads one publications title”. One of my favourite models has to be Miranda Kerr, next to Irina Shayk of course! I adore Miranda for her eclectic taste in clothing. You can see a glimpse of her style, and clothes on her recent closet tour for British Vogue. I would say that I’m drawn to her personality because she looks so carefree, and positive and that’s an infectious personality to possess. But I’m not here to go on and on about how much I ‘idolize her’ but I will add one last thing before I continue with my thought process, I also admire how she brands herself. I admire strong, independent woman and if any of you remember I once wrote a blog post dedicated to Caroline Stanbury being my favourite bitch– because I love that she has drive, and is a business woman.

Irina Shayk Romping’ Around

Privet Matryoshkas, happy Casual Sunday! I’m excited about this post because it involves a romper and Irina Shayk. You see the romper that’s on Irina shayk as she tries to hail a cab in New York, is a romper that looks similar to a romper I own (from H&M by L.O.G.G- which is also featured in this post if you want a look similar to Irina’s), and wear every chance I get. This romper exudes comfort, beachy vibes, and suits my skin tone making it my HG of outfits for the summer. I also must confess that I have a romper obsession at the moment and I’ve already bought 4 this summer ranging from Dressy (for dining out), to Casual (perfect for Casual Sundays). I love wearing these out for casual, thoughtless style know when you don’t really feel like putting an outfit together, and you don’t want to wear a dress, and you’re in no mood for playing mix and match with a two piece outfit. A romper is the third possible solution that can solve …