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Trick Or Chic: D.I.Y Elena Perminova’s Rabbit Veil For Halloween

Privet Matryoshka’s, this week is going to be dedicated to Halloween costume ideas for both adults, and babies! To kickstart this weeks halloween theme I’m going to show off a chic costume worn by Elena Perminova. I hope this gives you guys some quick inspiration, especially if you’re leaving your costume shopping to the last minute. So some of you might already recognize the images used in this post, because Elena wore this look to Vogue Paris’s 90th anniversary costume ball. I loved her entire outfit from her Heidi Rabbit Veil by ‘Maison Michel’ down to her gown! Anyways the original veil by Maison Michel is costly, so i’ve located a DIY version you can try for making this luxe and chic veil. I also think buying a pair of fake eyelashes would complete this look further if you want to make yourself  appear ‘darker’, and a little bit more sinister. This costume idea will make you think twice about whether bunnies can kill.