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Prayers For Paris, Prayers For The World

There are moments when I remain silent in thought, thinking of things that enrage, or deeply sadden me in this world. I do not like to post about my inner most thoughts on my blog, my views, my opinions (with the exception of fashion advice). But, I feel like breaking my silence tonight, and I’m joining the solidarity to say that my prayers are with Paris. The sympathy I wish to express for all those who lost their lives, to the families who will never get back those they loved, for the victims, the survivors and the moments of terror they endured, to the memories that have been etched into their minds..I’m sending my prayers.

An Evening Gown For A Summer Wedding

Privet! I know that I often keep mentioning the upcoming summer wedding, but today I’m finally unveiling the dress that I picked out. It is the dress that I bought online through net-a-porter back in the middle of January, and till this day I’m still head-over heels for this electric blue, floor length evening gown (and have not changed my mind, it looks so amazing on :P). Anyways, to be honest I’m unsure of how to classify my personal style, sometimes I enjoy looks that have rocker and edgy elements ( like Elena Perminova), and then there are days when I want a look that is more feminine. I just wear whatever my mood calls for.