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Honest Thoughts: How I Learned You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything

I had days when I was young, and made not always so smart decisions trying to enjoy life the way any teenager often does. I enjoyed hanging out with large groups of people, and I often prided myself on being a social butterfly. I loved to dance to great music, and I loved to enjoy the laughter of people and their silly conversations. I loved knowing older girls, and couples who I looked up to and thought of how I hoped to find someone I could fall deeply in love with. But I eventually learned that having a large group of friends had consequences.

When Your Hopes & Dreams Are Crushed

I live my life hoping that one day everything will fall into place, that all of the pieces that I have will create something whole that I’ll be happy with. Sometimes I’m guilty of believing things will happen on their own; and as each year passes, I often catch myself saying “When I’m older I’ll have this, or that”. This type of thinking is dangerous, with equal parts ignorance and bliss. But things don’t change on their own, and this, well this is when you loose a little bit of your hope. While your dreams don’t feel as attainable as they once had.