Elena Perminova In Gondolier Inspired Stripes

Casual Sunday

Hey Everyone Happy Casual Sunday! This post is going to be short & sweet so get ready! I also want to know if any of you are getting ready to travel for the summer to some far off and exotic locations? I may be going on a trip but I’ll keep that quiet for now- but I will say that I promise to take photos to share with you all! I may even do a few outfit posts along the way and a few other travel themed posts!!

Elena Perminova’s Latest Fashion Week Style

Street Style

I feel as if I haven’t made a post about Elena Perminova in ages, and I’m sure some of you might be missing her style moments around here. The Russian trendsetter, and mom of three isn’t one to play around with hairstyle or makeup, you’ll notice that her hair is always done in a simple manner, or that her makeup is minimalistic, anddd I think she does this because she likes to let her outfits speak for themselves. I, on the other hand would want to be playing with my hair and makeup for each look, just because it’s fun to be able to change your looks, especially when you’re wearing gorgeous clothes. Anyways that’s enough of my opinion! Enjoy the post, you’ll see some style that varies from Christian Dior, to Elie Saab.  

Elena Perminova + Isabel Marant

Casual Sunday

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve put some effort into coming up with a Casual Sunday post. If you’ve noticed my last one was very “summery/nautical”, and I need to conform to all things fall! So this Casual Sunday post is more about how to do “parisienne casual”, or at least the way Elena Perminova does casual when she’s in paris. The look Elena is wearing is all by Isabel Marant (I adore Isabel Marant’s knitwear & there’s a part of me that’s still upset that I couldn’t get any of her pieces from her H&M collaboration).  To break the look down further it’s essentially a cable knit sweater, structured leggings, ankle boots, a handbag and sunglasses. Each piece falls within the neutral palette. P.S Anyone can pull off this style, even if you don’t have the wallet for Isabel Marant. Just look for an oversized cable knit, and partially tuck it into some high wasted trousers, or structured leggings and away you go, you’re ready for fall you gorgeous girl.

Elena Perminova, Chloé, Et D’inspiration Bohémienne

Casual Sunday

Think shades of ivory, and cascading layers that draw from hippie and bohemian influence creating that boho chic look that seems to resurface every summer.  I’m sure none of you are all that surprised to see the return of boho. But, Some of you might be surprised to know that whenever the bohemian style is involved, there is often a hint of irony lingering. The boho style never began as a fashion statement, in fact the style was often worn by women who were indifferent to fashion altogether. The bohemian style didn’t filter itself into the style scene until the women of the early 21st century wanted to discard their bourgeoisie reputation in favour of a spirited, raw, and nomadic style consisting of flowing skirts, and patterns with endless florals.

Elena Perminova’s Sky High Style

Casual Sunday

Privet, today’s Casual Sunday post was inspired from a minor day trip I took on thursday  to a small airport just to have a certain culinary experienceYou see this particular airport is tiny, and it’s known for it’s famed desserts. When you first walk into the little building that hosts the airport cafe the first thing you see is their motto “I Fly For pie”- so that right there tells you automatically what you have to try. Once you find yourself a seat you can have breakfast, and yes pie while watching the little planes (cessnas) and helicopters land and takeoff. I decided to wear my H&M romper for the trip (Since our weather has been scorching, Friday it climbed to 31 degrees).

Casual Sunday: Après-Ski

Casual Sunday

Privet Matryoshkas and Happy Casual Sunday!! I’m in the mood to write about my style crush Elena Perminova since she has given me a bit of that winter style inspiration. You know this week my hometown finally received it’s first snowfall, (It’s even snowing on WordPress!!) but enough to cover the ground in white. There’s something beautiful in living in a place where the temperatures can dip into the negatives, it’s that glistening snow that sucks me in! I’m also reminded that the mountains nearby are open and I can start to work up the nerve to return to the mountain to do some snowboarding. Anyways this weather is made for dressing cozy, and dressing like an onion; layer after layer. I think it’s safe to say it’s time for Casual Sunday and an edition of apres-ski style + tips!

TBT: Elena Perminova’s Unquiet Riot

Street Style

graphic elena

Privet Matryoshkas!! One of the fun periods in fashion began in the 60’s with London’s pop scene. Mods, graphics, and geometric shapes began to find their way onto clothing. But it was the early pioneer Lucinenne Day who’s textile patterns caused a stir in mid-century britain. Some say her work most likely made ‘people fall off their victorian rockers’, as she paved the way for the illusionary work of 60’s textiles. Now, this throwback thursday post is about Elena Perminova’s Giambattista Valli graphic ensemble, that looks to be an interpretation of the op-art mod movement. To keep this post short and sweet I have to add that I love how she did the details right. The accessories from her shoes, bag and sunglasses do not compete against the suit. Her outfit is just so loud I truly think she’s trying to cause a riot.

TBT: Elena Perminova’s Couer Sauvage

Street Style

tbt wild savaghe

Privet! There are days that call for the release of the feral, and inner ‘couer sauvage (wild at heart)’ version of yourself. If you want to inject a fierceness into your look without doing anything permanent like…say a tattoo, tribal inspired style choices are it. Today’s Throwback Thursday post is inspired by a look Elena Perminova was seen in moments after the Giambattista Valli fashion show in 2012. Elena’s fringed sweater compliments her tiger print dress. You know the fringed sweater reminds me of a lions fur right down to the magnificent mane from a male lion. As for Elena’s facial expressions they’ve been transformed into something predatory, and I love it. My guess is she’s on the hunt for a new fashion find. And..here’s a question for you lovely matryoshka’s I’m curious what’s your outfit of choice to wage war in when you’re feeling wild? 

Elena’s Taking Spring On In White

Look Book


Privet Matryoshka’s here is a short post for you !!! Spring definitely calls for a new style arsenal, and Elena Perminova’s doing just that! The Russian it girl is showing off her post baby figure in some new apparel. These two images are recent, depicting her in two different styles while wearing oh so chic white. One outfit is of her wearing a dress that brings out her softer, elegant side, which she dressed up further with a gorgeous pair of nude heels; also matching her bag. While the second outfit is edgy, and almost sporty. Out of these two looks – I’d have to say my favourite is of her in the dress- because she looks so beautiful.

Elena Perminova’s Christmas Tree

Fun Post Of The Day

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 3.03.04 PM

Since I’m not posting a photo of my own Christmas tree (although it does look pretty this year), here is a photo of Elena Perminova’s instead. hehe. It looks like Elena has quite a few goodies underneath her tree