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Story Time! Product Disasters & Swollen Lips

Long time ago when I first became interested in beauty and skin care products, I suffered an allergic reaction. It began the night before High school picture day, and I was determined to look my best! I mean I wanted to look incredible, and have a photo I would be proud of in years to come. Somehow I thought it would be wise to start using an entire fleet of skincare products, combined with natural home remedies with items that came from my refrigerator. I grabbed some papaya, and mixed it with some other ingredients (that I’ve long forgotten, and with good reason), and thought “hey, let me make a home made face mask” that’s a great idea!

Elena Perminova + H&M X Balmain

Hey everyone! I hope you are making room in your closets because the Balmain X H&M collaborative collection is coming out November 5th. There has been a lot of chatter surrounding the latest collaboration for H&M x Balmain- involving leaked images of Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid showing off  “Lots of pieces in this collab.”(the very exact words from the woman who “leaked the images”). Anyways, I’m not all that interested in seeing Gigi or Kendall showing off the Balmain goods, instead I’m loving the behind the scenes images of Elena Perminova’s photoshoot with Elle Russia wearing HMBALMATION.

September, The Time For Style & Fresh Starts

Each September I was concerned with having all of my school supplies, I made sure that I read enough novels throughout the summer, practiced my writing skills, and hoped to look better than previous years. When I look back to the school days, particularly in September, I kind of cringe. I went to a school that lacked any fashion or style sense. In fact the girls who wore Guess purses acted as if they were toting around something hot off the Milan runway. But I was no better, I never favoured fashion and never could imagine that one day in the future I would have a fashion blog, know a good chunk of street stars by name, or be able to discuss trends that e.g “incorporate androgynous, chic or femme elements”.