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Ring Hacks: Ring Snuggies

Hey Lovelies! This is a simple ring hack that can be for anyone who has a ring that fits a little bit too big on them! I have little fingers not gonna lie about it! When my Fiancé proposed I noticed instantly that the ring was too big for me! And throughout my trip in Montreal I kept worrying about losing the ring my Fiancé put a lot of thought into. I also am the type of person who can be impatient with alterations or waiting for items to ship to my house, and I love having my stuff with me right away- but I know that isn’t ideal or the way things work! So when I thought of having my ring resized, it could mean that I wouldn’t have it for a week (and I just got it!!!) I don’t want it to leave my finger, and I’m definitely not done showing it off either. So I went online and looked up ideas for what I could do. Mind you this is a temporary …

Antiques, Auctions & Jewels

Sometimes a fashion blogger has a desire to search for unique items outside of the mainstream way of department stores, malls, and vintage shops. You see my family are the type of people who enjoy attending, and bidding at the auction, both online and in person. And, well my family has me hooked on auctions. I have childhood memories of the items my father would bring home, like that toaster that was meant for a restaurant, and required an abnormal amount of voltage. To that time he bought an ugly painting that hangs on the foyer wall. I tried to secretly sell the painting on craigslist with the caption “big ugly painting for sale”, and the end of the story is: it’s still in their house. Or the industrial meat slicer that only comes out for cutting up cheese and salami during Christmas, with expert precision.