OFF STRAND Kicks OFF In London: August 26th-31st



Privet lovely Matryoshka’s!! If any of you are lucky enough to live in London- well it’s that time again! OFF STRAND has kicked off in London starting August 26th and will be here until Sunday, the 31st! This is the 3rd edition for the pop up store event, created by Anna Pitchouguina (a Russian designer) and the graphic designer Emanuele Copioli. The event will be showcasing the SS 2015 collections of London based designers + collections by Russian designers Anna Pitchouguina whose collection is Pitchouguina, and Iulia Filipovscaia of the bold label, Lana Siberie (Two Designers I was lucky enough to interview). Hehe, So I’ve included links to the OFF STRAND website so you guys can have more information + links to the interviews if you are curious to know a little bit more about the designers.

Lana Siberie: FOUNDATION SS 2014 & GROWTH AW 2014.



When I look at Lana Siberie’s Foundation SS 2014 collection my thoughts are instantly transported to the top of the Acropolis, with the worn marble at my feet- but don’t consider this collection to be an ode to Greece in any way, that is just one of my old traveling memories re-surfacing. The jacquard technique, and the pattern of each sweater embodies a natural look of stone, to heavy slabs of marble. A look that only the bold and fierce could pull off. And inspired by Iulia’s childhood growing up close to the Mir mine. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Iulia Filipovscaia the designer of the label LANA SIBERIE, I wanted to incorporate her collections into that post but it turned out to be so long, so here is part two.

Interview With Lana Siberie’s Iulia Filipovscaia ‘Clothes Are Another Way Of Communication’

Interviews & Exclusives


I woke up one morning to find a message in my inbox, it was 7:30am when I read what it contained, making me jump out of bed to gather my notes. That preparation still did not save me from my nerves that were mixed with excitement. I was excited, (and still am) to be able to interview the Russian Fashion Designer and Artist; Iulia Filipovscaia who created the brand LANA SIBERIE. She makes custom made pieces, and has made sweaters for the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodinova and her charity Naked Heart.