Beauty Blogger Nomination Q&A

Tips & Beauty

Thank you to Nikki from The fabulous Hipster Thrifter Fashion Blog for sending me this beauty blogger nomination. (I know this post is late, and on auto-post hehe love that feature) In this post I’ll be answering the questions that the lovely Nikki (Hipster Thrifter Girl made for the beauty blogger nomination). Expect a lot of ‘beauty talks and tips’ inside..and more nominations for other bloggers I find to be incredible for their beauty posts 🙂

Irina Shayk’s Turtleneck Dress + “How To Wear It” Tips

Casual Sunday

The holidays are nearing and i’m that holiday mood! I’ve already decided on what gifts to give, and the wrapping paper (I’ll be using a mix between brown paper with twine, and paper that has little reindeers). I’m also thinking of making my boyfriends mother, and family a special Italian dessert- with a few tweaks involving lemon zest and limoncello. Now since it is the holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to make Casual Sunday a little more “dressier”, but will still have comfy, and casual elements. 

Irina Shayk Romping’ Around

Casual Sunday

Privet Matryoshkas, happy Casual Sunday! I’m excited about this post because it involves a romper and Irina Shayk. You see the romper that’s on Irina shayk as she tries to hail a cab in New York, is a romper that looks similar to a romper I own (from H&M by L.O.G.G- which is also featured in this post if you want a look similar to Irina’s), and wear every chance I get. This romper exudes comfort, beachy vibes, and suits my skin tone making it my HG of outfits for the summer. I also must confess that I have a romper obsession at the moment and I’ve already bought 4 this summer ranging from Dressy (for dining out), to Casual (perfect for Casual Sundays). I love wearing these out for casual, thoughtless style know when you don’t really feel like putting an outfit together, and you don’t want to wear a dress, and you’re in no mood for playing mix and match with a two piece outfit. A romper is the third possible solution that can solve so many problems, just grab it, throw it on and go enjoy the day. 

Trick Or Chic: Get Irina Shayk’s Megara Look

Fun Post Of The Day


Privet Matryoshka’s!! Egyptian and Grecian looks are always popular for Halloween. There is something alluring to dressing up as either Cleopatra the Egyptian/ Greek Queen of the Nile with a gift for languages. Or Aphrodite the Greek goddess of Love, beauty and sexual rapture. But, if you’ve already been there, and done that as dressing up as either, Megara could be the next perfect choice. In Greek mytholodgy Megara is the eldest daughter of King Creon. After Hercule’s victory of defeating the Minyans at Orchromenos, King Creon offered Megara as both a bride, and reward. So Matryoshka’s I’m not referring to Disney’s Megara, but the one Irina Shaky played in the Hercules movie released in July 2014. + Just a side note there are two possible Megara costume ideas in this post.

Casual Sunday: The Jetsetter

Casual Sunday


Privet Matryoshka’s! I haven’t put up a Casual Sunday post in forever, but this look has prompted me to make a Casual style post for you guys, and it’s called “The Jetsetter”. Ah, so the end of August can mean the end has come for most of your summer vacations, & August can also mark the end to the summer, which is sad I know- I don’t want summer to be over either. Soon I’ll be posting looks that are more concentrated on the fall season, and I have some looks already planned out for you guys to get inspired by.

Casual Sunday: Irina Shayk & Arthur Kulkov Style

Casual Sunday


Privet Matryohska’s, how were your weekends? It’s Sunday and I’m feeling lazy, and of course casual!! Today is all about two Casual looks, one from Irina Shayk, and the other from the Russian male model Arthur Kulkov. It’s amusing to see models when they are in casual looks because we’re so used to seeing them dressed to the nines. Irina Shayk’s casual looks never shock me because she always looks amazing. Arthur Kulkov on the other hand shocks me, because he really knows how to dress casual, sometimes too casual.

Airport Fashion Is Apparently A Big Thing

Fun Post Of The Day


I always remember counting down the weeks, days and hours before my flight is due to take off- I’m often prepared up to a month in advance because that’s just how anxious & over-eager I can be. That’s right my luggage is packed to the brim with all of the clothing I’ve deemed worthy enough to come along, but I won’t lie I often pick pieces I want to wear, but will not cry over if my luggage gets lost in the jumble of connecting flights. Who else gets like this? I hope i’m not the only one. Anyways I was flipping through the free magazine H&M puts out for the new season- this one is for summer, and I had some fun reading the well crafted articles; one stood out in particular with-3-4 pages dedicated to ‘Airport Fashion’. Airport Fashion is apparently a big thing, gaining popularity in 2011, and taking China and Korea by storm like that K-pop craze.

Take Me To Brazil, If Not For The World Cup…


Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny swimwear campaign Take Me to Rio-passion4luxury-30

“Take Me to Brazil, if not for the world cup”- then so I can at least wear some bright bikini’s and get my tan on! These images of Irina Shayk posing in a very brazilian inspired photo shoot is making me wish that I could wear feathered outfits, bikini’s of crazy colours, and lounge by the beach. I want an Irina Shayk moment! This also makes for some amazing fitness motivation lol. Which bikini do you want for yourself?

Casual Sunday Inspiration: Irina Shayk’s Orange Crush

Street Style


I’m lazy and Sunday’s make me extra lazy, and yet I’m debating if I should start a series for Casual Sundays by suggesting some looks I find to fit in the casual category, that are chic, and comfortable enough for completing those last minute errands in before the Monday-Friday work week begins all over again. I promise I won’t be suggesting anything that fits the criteria of Normcore. All of the looks I’ll post will be from Russian (and hoping Ukrainian) it girls, models, and other popular faces- who are known for having incredible style. For this particular Casual Sunday I’m looking to Irina Shayk as my inspiration- Orange crush anyone?

Irina Shayk’s looking Vibrant In Lily Pulitzer’s SS 2014 Campaign



Privet Matryoshka’s!! The Russian model Irina Shayk is making me crave a vacation to the Mayan Riviera with her latest campaign for Lily Pulitzer’s SS 2014. The photo’s show the model wearing dresses that come in vibrant hues, and prints that remind me of time spent in Mexico (/any place where the sun can give you sun kissed skin that makes already bright outfits pop further); or walking the infamous La Ramblas in Barcelona ( you need to stand out in Spain 😛 ). The photo shoot took place in Miami. + I’m loving this relaxed vacation vibe.