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How To Wear Statement Necklaces This Holiday Season

Do you remember when Miroslava Duma would wear a good, statement necklace. The thicker, the chunkier, the more detail, the better. These days however, Mira’s style is “toned down”.Her neckline is devoid of necklaces, her handbags are often black, and her accessories are basic. She’s different. Then again she is dressing the part of a business woman, a woman who works hard to accomplish her goals. But, just because Miroslava Duma is toning it down, doesn’t mean the statement necklace has fallen out of favour, and if you have an outfit that needs something, but you aren’t sure what it is. Perhaps a statement necklace is all you need this winter.

Natasha Poly’s Sultry Smokey Eyes + Get The look

Privet Matryoshka’s, When we are immersed in conversation, our eyes become the feature most looked at. It would be unnatural if conversations lead us to starring at an individuals feet for the entire night. There’s also no other feature that can indicate what we’re feeling, or trying to express the way that our eyes do. If we wish to change our image and go for a sultry style, all you need to do is opt for darker shades of shadow. If we wish to mimic Audrey Hepburn’s infamous doe eyes, swipe eyeliner onto your upper lids. while achieving a natural look often look for softer colour palettes, pinks and pearl tones can never do you wrong. This throwback thursday post is all about the eyes. I will be posting video tutorials (at the very bottom of the page) that I found helpful for achieving a look similar to the one Natasha Poly wore to the 2012 Cannes film festival. + A few other smokey eyed options if you want a downplayed, less intense version. And yes …