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DIY Shoe Makeover (Repurpose Your OLD Heels)

Hey Everyone & Matryoshkas!! 🙂 I’ve decided to try a little DIY that was easy and re-freshed my heels. To be honest there wan’t anything wrong with my heels to begin with, I just wanted a new shoe without the cost. I mentioned earlier this week that I’ll be attending Fashion Week, and I’ve decided to try to work these shoes into one of my outfits. I’m thinking of pairing them with a dress I bought on sale for the Gala! I’m trying to go into Fashion Week with items that come from the sale/clearance rack, with the addition of this little DIY. I also hope to post photos of each of my looks with the prices included! I want to prove that you can look stylish on a budget 🙂

A 3.1 Phillip Lim Kitten Heel Review

Privet! I may be addicted to shoes…at the moment, but with all of the recent sales I doubt many could resist the temptation to hoard all the shoes in existence. I must admit that I never paid much attention to Phillip Lim’s designer wear, until my new 3.1 Phillip Lim heels came home with me. These kitten heels have an understated, youthful elegance that seem to work with both casual and dressier outfits; Which I found out after trying on the shoes with various items in my closet i.e shift dresses, my favourite pair of Roots grey leggings, pencil skirts, and a certain H&M romper! And these shoes seems to be so comfortable, and did I mention they were on sale! Anyways I am adoring these pumps so much at the moment that I’ve decided to review them:

Yarose Shulzhenko Calling All Shoe Addicts

Yarose Shulzhenko’s footwear creations deserve more attention. The Ukrainian designer’s shoes possess sex appeal, from the material to colour variations and details he incorporates in each pair to make them into a unique fashion accessory, for the woman who chooses to wear them. Below are just a few picks of Yarose Shulzhenko’s shoe creations. Warning: This post may send shoe addicts into a compulsive shopping spree, proceed with caution.