13 Anti-Aging Tips & Tricks To Looking Youthful

Tips & Beauty

Let’s be honest here we all will age and we all will get wrinkles at some point in our life; However what this post is about is making sure you don’t age prematurely, or look older than your actual age! As women (and even some men!!) we have the tendency to be beauty obsessed. From almost every which way we look there’s something that pops out at us and screams ‘beauty’, or you must try or have this product! Just look at your YouTube subscriptions I’m sure the majority of you have your favorite beauty Guru, and I know that at some point these beauty gurus have mentioned in their videos about anti-aging products and tips that you couldn’t resist watching! I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to look as if we found the fountain of youth as we age. I also know that a lot us want to age well so that we don’t have our peers exclaim ‘oh she’s aged badly’… Well, at least I don’t! #notsorryformyvainconfession. Anyways here are some of my tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I hope this post will help you too!

Green Smoothie Recipe


Hey Everyone! I’ve been making and drinking a lot of smoothies just to increase my fruit and fibre intake since it is still winter, and I feel like this is the time of year when you need the extra vitamin C! This happens to be my favourite smoothie of the week that uses fresh Kale, green apple, grapefruit etc! The rest of the recipe is included below! I do think this is a low calorie smoothie as it doesn’t rely on a lot of juice (just a splash- but you can also omit it), and you can also try it with protein powder for a post workout smoothie, or if you’re just looking to increase your protein intake!