Attention Fashionistas! Clutches Are Now A Flight Risk?!

Fun Post Of The Day

Well I think we’ve all had that moment where we’ve dreaded packing for flights, especially whenever carry ons are concerned. Not only are there weight restrictions- but we’re limited with the personal items that we can bring. Liquids are a basic no-no unless under 100Ml, and can fit into a clear plastic bag ( just leave that Evian face spray at home girl!). While nail clippers, you better put that item in your checked luggage- but then again can you imagine someone clipping their toe nails mid flight next to you? Gross!. But there is one item that I wouldn’t have imagined as being considered a flight risk. I was watching the local news, and it showed items that the Canadian border security confinscates often- ranging from the usual liquids, alcohol, meats- etc. But then I saw an item, that anyone of us might not be aware of that can’t go in your carry on- because it’s apparently dangerous! & the Canadian border security will take this item away from you, and they won’t even care about the price tag. 

Ulyana Sergeenko’s SS 2015 Folk Bags


Privet Matryoshkas it has been a long time since I’ve made a post about a Russian designer who doubles as a street style star! So here it is, just for you! Well Ulyana Sergeenko never fails to impress me with her vivid imagination, that often draws inspiration from the places she’s traveled to, and distant echoes of the soviet era. Haute Couture and Ulyana do share something in common and that is that they both have a love for folklore. Remember her SS 2013 handbag collection? I was so inspired by her SS 2013 collection that since I was not able to covet one of the Russian themed folk handbags, I decided to make my own..which ended up to be a lot of work, but an enjoyable project nonetheless.