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Trick Or Chic: D.I.Y Masquerade Mask, Inspired By Imperial Russia & Ulyana Sergeenko

Privet Matryoshka’s, I hope you’re not sick of the Halloween inspired posts I’ve been putting up lately. I find this to be such a fun idea and I’m just going to run with it until the week comes to an end. I also might double post today because I’m having one of those rainy days, and not a ray of sunshine is in sight :(. Anyways let me get back on point, I happen to love the idea of costume and masquerade balls. Such lavish events are an ode to the past. Imperial Russia hosted a few in it’s time, one example I can tell you about is the famous Winter Ball of 1903.The Ball was hosted at the Romanov’s winter palace, during Tsar Nicholas’s II of Russia’s reign.Many of the guests who attended wore the 17th century style fashion. Envision handsome Russian men making the ladies swoon, and women wearing oversized kokoshniks, lavish gowns and sarafans of iridescent golds, and blues. Now this idea is for any of you who are struggling to come …

Arsenicum By Dmitry Loginov

A feathered gown. Crimson red staining ethereal skin. In another image a woman is hidden beneath a darkened veil. (These images both intrigue and creep me out, in a good way). Images Dmitry Loginov uses to take us deeper into a haunting realm of his creation, his Arsenicum. The photographs capture the avant-guarde, more so the sinister side of expression within fashion, fitting for an all hallow’s eve related post, don’t you think?