GUM’s Christmas Fair On The Red Square

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 Gosudarstvenny Universalny Magazin or GUM for short is marking it’s 120th anniversary, the department store that is located by Moscow’s Red square has been around since 1893. To mark the special anniversary further, GUM is hosting one of it’s first Christmas fairs. If you have the luxury of attending the event you’ll find Russian cuisine,

Valentin Yudashkin’s Atelier & Style

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Valentin Yudashkin started off his career by dressing the wives of the Kremlin, notably Raisa Gorbachev the wife of the former soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. By 1991 Valentin’s name began to grow famous outside of Russia when his collection Fabrege was featured at Paris fashion week in 1991.

GUM’s Demanding Removal Of The Louis Vuitton Chest In Moscow’s Red Square


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The Louis Vuitton chest that I’ve mentioned previously, (& still located) in Moscow’s infamous Red Square, has been causing quite a stir from onlookers as well as from the GUM department store. GUM is demanding Louis Vuitton removes the chest, claiming that the Louis Vuitton exhibit