TBT: Elena Perminova’s Unquiet Riot

Street Style

graphic elena

Privet Matryoshkas!! One of the fun periods in fashion began in the 60’s with London’s pop scene. Mods, graphics, and geometric shapes began to find their way onto clothing. But it was the early pioneer Lucinenne Day who’s textile patterns caused a stir in mid-century britain. Some say her work most likely made ‘people fall off their victorian rockers’, as she paved the way for the illusionary work of 60’s textiles. Now, this throwback thursday post is about Elena Perminova’s Giambattista Valli graphic ensemble, that looks to be an interpretation of the op-art mod movement. To keep this post short and sweet I have to add that I love how she did the details right. The accessories from her shoes, bag and sunglasses do not compete against the suit. Her outfit is just so loud I truly think she’s trying to cause a riot.