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Should Celebs Crossover To The Fashion World?

“Hey everyone! I’m in a mood where I want to rant, and get some of your opinions, thoughts, comments, likes or dislikes about celebrities crossing over into the fashion world. There is this hollywood element that keeps popping up during fashion week, and it sort of bothers me. Let me first just say that I know people like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Bridgett Bardot were celebrities who have gone on to be the inspiration for ┬ácountless fashion designers. We find their style to be timeless, classic and elegant. So it makes sense that fashion and celebrities have always been a part of each others world.

Part 1: Vancouver Fashion Week Front Row

Privet!! Ah Matryoshkas I don’t even know where to begin, other than to tell you that I’ve had my first fashion week experience! I attended the event with a media pass which gave me access to some of the best seats (although me and my best friend had to hustle to get them, but the media pass let us keep them!!), and backstage access to see behind the scenes. My Media pass came from Wall Street International (who I write for once a month for the fashion section and my VFW article will be published on April 1st so check that out if you want to) I’m thankful to WSI and to Milica Mirkovic (my past editor & If you are reading this Thank you!!) Anyways before I find some way to go off topic, I ended up sitting through 23 shows at Vancouver Fashion Week, and my camera and phone are full of photos! I’ve decided to split my VFW experience into parts to make things less messy, and a lot more organized so …