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Cooking In The Caribbean

Hey Lovelies! So as most of you may know I am now in the Caribbean! I also have a lot of time to cook, and a Fiance who will devour every meal I make 🙂 So I’m slowly learning how to stay on budget with food (and that is so difficult because I love to eat, I want to try a lot of recipes and that means I need a lot of ingredients). However I’m trying to be creative and try not to go overboard with different I tend to use a lot of lemon, garlic ( minced + garlic salt), and paprika to season the dishes that I make. In the future I’d love to learn how to make Jerk chicken, and try to see what some of the local cuisine is like, and take some of those ideas to re-create a wonderful dish to savour and enjoy for next times dinner.

Dinner Ideas: Salad & Juicy Pan Seared Chicken *Paprika Rub*

Hey Everyone! In the summer I can’t resist eating salads..with all of the colourful additions of grape tomatoes, red onions, avocados and salad mixes with purple and green leaves. There’s something about the look of a well done salad that can make my mouth water- and it even can impress my family, and boyfriend if done correctly. This salad was created when my boyfriend requested a chicken salad with Italian Dressing. There’s a few decorative salads that I specialize in and today I’m choosing to share the salad that has tender and juicy paprika’d chicken breasts your family and boyfriends will gobble up. Not only is this dish delicious, but it looks so pretty! After-all cooking these days isn’t only about the taste, but the presentation too – thanks Instagram for making us snap pics of our food, forget forks when you have a camera. P.S This salad has 3-4 steps depending if you want to do everything all DIY.I promise it’s easy.