Fall’s Viral Fashion Trends. 2015/16.

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Fall trends have been circulating for a while now! And there’s been a few trends that I’ve noticed that have been gaining popularity in recent days- either on Instagram, Real life, Vogue, or on Polyvore. So, here they all are! There’s everything from Sleeveless jackets to lug soles.

Zaychishka’s ‘Fun Fall Fashion Finds’

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Whoever said Fall can only happen outdoors, hasn’t seen ‘The Room’ this week. I decided to go shopping the other day, and to have a look at all the new fall items, and funky fashion creations up close. First I always enjoy when a store puts up a display of sorts, it really sets the mood, and enhances in mind visualizations for which styles look good. Two items that I came across stood out the most. These pieces can honestly make for fun conversation starters, and are clearly unique. So the two items are made by Charlotte Olympia, and follow an oriental theme. One clutch resembles a Chinese food take out box. By the way I always wish my chinese food came in these little boxes, but instead where I’m from they come in little aluminum like plates. Not cute at all.

Casual Sunday: Sasha Luss Is City Cool

Casual Sunday

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Privet Matryoshka’s, I hope you had a lovely weekend, and I would like to wish any Canadian readers out there to have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Now today’s Casual Sunday look is worn by the Russian model Sasha Luss who has become a favourite on the runways, and I find her to be ultimately ‘one pretty cool chick’. Now this look is called City Cool, and consists of the essentials for fall wardrobes like the oversized knitwear sweater, scarf, and a trendy satchel to complete the look.

Casual Sunday: Peplums & Natalia Vodianova

Casual Sunday

casual sunday

Fall, the time when leaves begin to leave the trees, covering the ground as a precursor to the blanket of winters snow fall. For some fall is a favourite season. It’s surreal to see the changing colours in the trees that line the streets. While the subtle chill lingering in the air brings with it a sort of nostalgia, and memories of the first time when I drank a pumpkin spice latte (Yes I drink those!). Well Matryoshka’s summer is over, but Casual Sunday’s are not! Time to bring out your fall fashion crushes and enjoy the new season while it lasts.

Anya Ziourova’s Bird Cage Veil & Dior


anyaziourovaPrivet Matryoshka’s today I’ve decided to put up a post about one of Anya Ziourova’s looks! I know I rarely pay much attention to Anya, but I found her look intriguing since she’s wearing a bird cage veil. I’m not a fan of these types of veils, but it works well with Anya’s outfit. What I am a fan of is grey garments (and in this case two types of grey on grey) for some odd reason. I’m hoping to shake up my fall wardrobe and add some hints of colour, or even throw on my yellow coat with pockets by Zara from time to time. Anyways back to Anya’s look, she wore this recently at Paris Fashion Week to the Dior fashion show, of course the outfit is by Dior too.