Ring Hacks: Ring Snuggies

Wedding Inspiration

Hey Lovelies! This is a simple ring hack that can be for anyone who has a ring that fits a little bit too big on them! I have little fingers not gonna lie about it! When my Fiancé proposed I noticed instantly that the ring was too big for me! And throughout my trip in Montreal I kept worrying about losing the ring my Fiancé put a lot of thought into. I also am the type of person who can be impatient with alterations or waiting for items to ship to my house, and I love having my stuff with me right away- but I know that isn’t ideal or the way things work! So when I thought of having my ring resized, it could mean that I wouldn’t have it for a week (and I just got it!!!) I don’t want it to leave my finger, and I’m definitely not done showing it off either. So I went online and looked up ideas for what I could do. Mind you this is a temporary solution!